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If you’re female, and live in America, please read thisĀ

Force feeding Suffragette in Prison

Force feeding a Suffragette in Prison - this is within living memory

Well, frankly, if you’re female anywhere you have the vote, please read it. Actually, we have compulsory attendance at a polling station here in Australia, which regularly comes under attack from the right as it inflates the centrist and left-wing vote, because they consider compulsory attendance as an attack on the purity of our civil liberties and right to choose. Which it is – but then so are speed limits and breathalysers.

I find it a small price to pay to ensure people are made to think, albeit momentarily, about who they wish to be governed by, once every now and then. The defence, in any event, is that we are not forced to vote, just attend. Once in the booth we are free to scrawl obscenities on the ballot paper, which many do, to the great amusement of those counting the votes, and to no political effect at all.

When in water-cooler or BBQ discussions on voting attendance with disenchanted friends, I usually stand quietly until I can contain myself no longer, and then blurt out something along the lines of ” Listen, you bastards, my Dad sat on destroyers for six fucking years, guarding convoys, waiting for a torpedo up his arse and a cold death and a watery grave, and then when I was just two he died a broken man – at 46 – riddled with anxiety and fear, all so you can stand here and pontificate freely about why you think you can’t be arsed to vote this time. If you’re going to spit on what he did, then you can fuck off home.”

That usually makes the point quite effectively.

Spread the word, Sisters.