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This literally just arrived in my email, courtesy of a Virgin Australia Holidays marketing exercise.

Under the banner Sale into Summer – SALE into summer, geddit? – the email is offering holidays, including Vanuatu for $725 pp for 5 nights. Sounds like a good deal. Interestingly, though, the conditions for the holiday included this little gem. Which makes it an incredibly good deal.

Vanuatu Includes return airfares to Hamilton Island, baggage, 5 nights accommodation. Departs Brisbane, on sale until midnight 24 November, unless sold out prior, for travel between 05 November – 05 December 2013 and 02 February – 27 March 2014.

Flights to Hamilton Island included in all Vanuatu holidays. What a great promotion. I like Hamilton Island.

Quite why Virgin would include return airfares to Hamilton Island in their offer of a holiday to Vanuatu is beyond me, but it’s very generous. Much better than a free cocktail on arrival. I’ll take ten. Wonder if there’s a limit on how long you can keep the airfares in your back pocket for?

I note the email seems to have been prepared in Singapore by an organisation which appears to be called Planet 49 and/or “Vertical Response”. A cursory search online reveals they might be part of this global company.

I cannot help but wonder how hot their phone lines will be running after this little quality control issue is pointed out. Which they will be, just as soon as I get hold of the marketing manager at Virgin Australia Holidays and pipe up with “My name is Mr Wellthisiswhatithink, I’d like to go to Vanuatu please and I claim my free flights to Hamilton Island too.”

Tee hee.

Meanwhile we note in the media yesterday that Virgin Australia is raising $350 million from shareholders to reduce debt and provide cash for its new business strategy.

The airline will offer existing shareholders five new shares for every 14 that they currently hold, at a discounted price to their current market value.

“This capital raising is designed to enhance liquidity and the gearing position of Virgin Australia to ensure we are in a stronger position moving forward,” chief executive John Borghetti said in a statement on Thursday.

The airline has been restructuring its business, including an update of its technology, implementing a stronger passenger loyalty program, and increasing its access to global markets.

Our italics. Might we suggest as part of the effort that 10 additional cents worth of proof-reading wouldn’t go amiss either? Or should we ask why you don’t use an Australian company for your outbound email marketing …. hmmm? No, we couldn’t possibly do that.

For the dozens of other Advertising and Sub Editing F*** Ups we have spotted, just type F*** Up in the search box. And in particular don’t miss yesterday’s Social Media F*** Ups of all time.


There is nothing about this uniform, or that of any other British serviceman or woman, that should EVER be covered up, except for operational reasons.

There is nothing about this uniform, or that of any other British serviceman or woman, that should EVER be covered up, except for operational reasons.

Words fail me …Whilst I never want anyone to lose their job, in the old days, these staff members would be sacked. Nowadays they’ll probably be counselled and moved sideways.

Disgraceful. Hands up anyone who thinks Virgin should offer this office two First Class round the world tickets? Hands up everyone who will re-post, tweet and FB this story until they do?

Step forward, Richard Branson.

From Yahoo and others

A British Royal Navy officer was asked by Virgin Atlantic staff to cover up her uniform in case it offended other passengers, according to UK reports.

Petty Officer Nicky Howse was travelling on Virgin Atlantic from Los Angeles to Heathrow when staff asked her to change out of her uniform before boarding the flight, according to the Daily Mail.

“It was horrific,” Howse told a friend, via email. “I was made to feel uncomfortable in my own country for wearing the uniform I wear to defend the place. It made me ashamed of my country that a British serviceman can’t travel in uniform. I was so distressed.”

Although the Navy engineer refused to change out of her uniform before boarding, she was eventually forced to wear a set of airline

Bugger all the self-publicity, Dickie - how about making this up to the Petty Officer with a couple of tickets?

Bugger all the self-publicity, Dickie – how about making this up to the Petty Officer with a couple of tickets?

pyjamas for the duration of the flight.

“It started at check-in. Some G4S security guy gave me the third degree about travelling in uniform. I was fuming. He was rude, he wouldn’t let the check-in girl give me my passport.

“I was shaking with rage. I thought it was all done. But when I got to the departure gate I was taken to the side by the flight supervisor and they said I wasn’t allowed to fly in uniform and had to wear a sleep suit.

“I then stood feeling completely humiliated with other passengers, clearly curious as to what was going on, staring at me, waiting for him to come back with the black pyjamas.

“I asked if it was Virgin policy, they said “Yes”. I refused to wear it until after I was on board then still refused but basically got told I’d be asked to leave the flight if I didn’t take it off or cover it up.”

Virgin has since responded to press inquiries, stating that the airline has no such policy.

“This was a completely isolated case in which our staff were incorrectly advised by a security agent. We have made contact with the passenger in question to express our deep regret for any upset caused,” a spokesman told the Daily Mail.

But Howse says she was given a litany of excuses for why she shouldn’t wear the uniform.

“I was basically told it was because [the airline didn’t] only fly British passengers and told it was seen as a threat. I went ballistic. I said, ‘In the country I defend I can’t wear my uniform?’

“They then said it was for my own safety to stop abuse, to which I replied [that] I can deal with that myself if it arises, as I did in Afghanistan,” Howse said.

Colonel Richard Kemp, under whom Howse served in Afghanistan, called the incident “an insult to the Royal Navy and to the British armed forces who the Queen’s uniform represents.”

“This naval engineer has volunteered to serve and to fight for her country,” he added. “How dare Virgin Atlantic and G4S treat her like dirt?”