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Have you heard about the new road safety ad? You're about to.

Have you heard about the new road safety ad? You’re about to.

Big ups for this road safety spot from China, via Volkswagen, who are to be warmly congratulated for a brilliant piece of marketing that is not only attention-grabbing but also very relevant to their market.

At a stroke they become a good corporate citizen and get millions of people applauding their brand.



At the Wellthisiswhatithink marketing guru training school, we are becoming increasingly interested in the potential for these very localised broadcasts of text messages as a marketing tool.

As we understand it, you can send a blast of messages out to all people nearby who have bluetooth enabled on their smartphone. The opportunity to grab people’s attention as they linger in (or pass by) any given locale is interesting to say the least.

Alright, alright: no one wants dozens of unwanted text messages turning up on our phones all the time. But that simply means adhering to what we have always known.

To be accepted, all advertising (whether it’s a TV ad, a billboard, a radio ad, or a text message) needs to combine relevance, useful information, and entertainment value – when entertainment value doesn’t necessarily mean ho-ho humour, but always means what we call inherent interest, which is usually delivered via enhanced creativity. Rule one of advertising: be noticed. Rule two: no-one was ever bored into buying anything.

This great ad triumphantly ticks both boxes.

(Sorry that the YouTube video comes up covered in banner ads – now that IS annoying. Just click them away, peeps.)


BFF – Best friend fell.

Middle Aged Texting

And just when you thought you'd conquered the TV remote ...

TTYL – Talk to you louder?

BTW – Bring the wheelchair.

BYOT – Bring your own teeth.

FWIW – Forgot where I was.

GGPBL – Gotta go, pacemaker battery low.

DGHA – Damn, got heartburn again.

IMHO – Is my hearing-aid on?

LMDO – Laughing my dentures out.

OMMR – On my massage recliner.

ROFLACGU – Rolling on floor laughing and can’t get up.

With thanks to Richard Ember