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Of all the nonsense isms in the world, taking the mickey out of redheads would seem to be to be the least harmful. As opposed to real bullying about looks, which is not what I am talking about, the non-PC  jokes and mock horror at “gingers” really does strike me as quite funny because it is so bizarre.

After all, it’s pretty obvious that some redheads are patently drop dead cute and gorgeous. Exhibit A: Nicole Kidman in Dead Calm, anyone?

Nicole Kidman

Er, yup. That works.

It spawns some wonderfully wicked jokes. “The most unwelcome gift in the world? A ginger step-kid.”

redhead child

I ask you, should this really be allowed?

Well, now they have their own festival in Holland. Oh, those crazy wacky Dutch … it had to be in Holland, right? Find out more here: it’s fun …

Good on ’em, says Wellthisiswhatithink. Hope they had a blast.

I am Spartacus.  I am Che Guevara. I am Julian Assange. I am a redhead.

No, hang on, scrub the last one please. That’s a step too far.