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I can’t be wittering on about politics and social matters constantly. Hard as it may be to believe, Dear Reader, even I like just celebrating the simple wonders of the world around us, sometimes. So when I came across this collection of photos of sea slugs – thanks Yahoo – I wanted to share them. As you may recall, Dear Reader, sea slugs interest me. What can I tell you? Everyone’s gotta have a hobby …

Unfortunately the slugs in my garden do not look anything like the slugs that inhabit our coastal waters. And they love baby lettuces. Anyone got a better trap for slugs than a Vegemite lid filled with beer, please share.











You’ve heard of glass-bottomed boats. Now make way for the glass-bottomed kayak!



Seattle-based company Clear Blue Hawaii is marketing a new transparent kayak called the Molokini. It’s made from the same polycarbonate material used in bulletproof glass and fighter jet canopies. It looks so good, we reckon it’s a fashion accessory as much as a great way to explore.


The company markets the two-seater kayak as an ideal way to view marine life (the company says in ideal situations, you can see up to 75 feet down). If you’re lucky, you might even see a dolphin or two or a turtle swimming below you.



Plus it has the added benefit of making you look like you’re floating on top of the water.

The boat sells for just under US$2,700. For what we think would be the experience of a lifetime, we reckon that’s cheap. Might be time to break open the piggybank before the Great Barrier Reef is destroyed by a combination of sunlight, acidification, and waste dumping. We just hope the hole in the top is big enough for us to get in it, or a little judicious dieting might be required!


Of all the nonsense isms in the world, taking the mickey out of redheads would seem to be to be the least harmful. As opposed to real bullying about looks, which is not what I am talking about, the non-PC  jokes and mock horror at “gingers” really does strike me as quite funny because it is so bizarre.

After all, it’s pretty obvious that some redheads are patently drop dead cute and gorgeous. Exhibit A: Nicole Kidman in Dead Calm, anyone?

Nicole Kidman

Er, yup. That works.

It spawns some wonderfully wicked jokes. “The most unwelcome gift in the world? A ginger step-kid.”

redhead child

I ask you, should this really be allowed?

Well, now they have their own festival in Holland. Oh, those crazy wacky Dutch … it had to be in Holland, right? Find out more here: it’s fun …

Good on ’em, says Wellthisiswhatithink. Hope they had a blast.

I am Spartacus.  I am Che Guevara. I am Julian Assange. I am a redhead.

No, hang on, scrub the last one please. That’s a step too far.

Hilarious, gentle, life-affirming story about growing kids. I recommend it.


Because it’s not my daughter’s bra. Or at least, not yet.

I took my girls to the mountains last week for some didn’t-get-around-to-doing-all-the-cool-things-I-promised-you-this-summer-and-sort-of-need-to-fit-it-all-into-one-day family fun. Well, family – two + two, because my husband had to work, my son was already back at school, and each of my daughters decided that bringing a friend would be a much better option than hanging out with me.

As the trip drew closer, I watched my self-declared, starring role in their lives casually deflate with the slow hiss of a forgotten balloon, to the point that the character I’ve played for the past ten years and know by heart dwindled to nothing more than a cameo appearance. I was a ride up the mountain, someone to hold discarded clothing (not lingerie), and a human ATM.

The minute we hit the resort parking lot (well not really “we”, the kids paired off in…

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