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The latest utter drivel coming from the right in America is that they’re going to impeach Obama for using (well, threatening to use, anyhow, and he probably will) an Executive Order to break the (Republican organised) log-jam on Immigration.

Now, we don’t wish to comment on American immigration policy – too complicated from this distance, and we have enough problems with our own in Australia – but we sure as hell feel able to comment on the idiots who think he should be impeached.

Can you see the difference between Obama and these enthusiastic users of Executive Orders? There are two essential differences.

exec order

Yes, we think you spotted the two differences pretty quickly didn’t you?

Given the staggeringly low level of achievement of both the House of Reps and the Senate since Obama came to the Oval office, and the GOP’s deliberate and unashamed obstructionism which looks set to get even worse, we suggest that #uppittydemocratniggerwhoinsistsonfuckingdoingstuff just about explains the current impeachment push.

And just for the record, in case any of our Republican readers don’t do big three-digit figures, Obama has used Executive Orders less than any of the others except Lincoln.

Frankly, if the hard-right GOP continue to eschew any attempts to create any bipartisan agreement, then we’re hopeful that Obama just presses on and gives the Republicans the regular whacking they so richly deserve. He has been altogether far too polite and reserved with them thus far for our liking. It’s time to give these Tea-Party-led-by-the-nose numpties a lesson in Government. Which is not the same, please note, as Opposition.

In doing so, he’ll give his own party and supporters something to cheer, too. Which they need.

An exceptionally well-researched piece of work by AP and Rachel Maddow which you can read here goes even further than our irritated rant. It points our that at least three former Republican Presidents used exactly this sort of action to grant – yes, you’ve guessed it – protection to illegal immigrants living in the USA, when Congress couldn’t get it’s shit together.

Bizarre. Bring it on, we say.

Imagining « itsintuition.

As everyone knows, I am seriously interested in this topic. And this is a very helpful contribution. The story encapsulates perfectly the pain and pressure felt by the “survivors”  of Alzheimers: The families that are “left behind” as an Alzheimer’s patient retreats inwardly. So does the raw, terrifically honest song.

I recommend you to click on the link above and to read and watch. Even more, I recommend you work to ensure Alzheimer’s research keeps up with all the “sexier” research funding choices around.

Ronald Regan died of Alzheimers

I wonder what the Gipper would have said?

See, Alzheimers isn’t sexy. We keep its effects hidden, behind neat suburban doors, and in nursing homes.

As a disease, it stinks. It sucks. There is no upside, no recovery. The outlook is simply awful. And it frequently strikes down leaders, intelligent people, creative people – the best we have.

Imagine the productive capacity that would be unleashed into our world if we could delay its onset by a year – five years – or forever?

But we need to beat it now, or the future for our families, our social services, and our elderly, is bleak indeed.

And I haven’t even heard it mentioned in the US Presidential election yet.

Pity, huh?