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Not surprisingly, five million people have seen the video already.

The video is surprisingly funny, charming, and, needless to say, sexy. The young ladies concerned are easy on the eye and you can hear the buzz of the vibrators in use under the track. And as a means to publicise their new single, I guess it’s a hugely successful exercise. And they’re from Holland, so … well, you know.

But maybe I am getting old. I was immediately given to wonder what the Mums and Dads would think?

There is a sea-change in the way we view sexuality and it is being driven, as always, by the young and the media they consume. It has become commonplace to the point where demure behaviour no longer has any currency, yet less any cachet.

You can’t be a celebrity (especially a female one) without your own accidentally released sex tape or raunchy photos “stolen” from your phone. There’s “sex in public” on our TV, (especially on excruciatingly embarrassing “reality TV shows”), some pop stars are now little more than soft-porn actresses, we now have a generalised acceptance of “sexting”, real sexual activity is increasingly replacing simulated sex in major motion pictures, and all the rest of it.

We freely confess to being in two minds.

On the one hand we warmly applaud women, particularly, claiming their sexuality and not being locked in a box marked “dirty, not to be known about, simply designed to seduce men, essentially wicked”. These attitudes have hardly changed since the days when we used to hang and burn witches, and it is wonderful that they are changing, just as it is wonderful that a bearded cross-dresser can win Eurovision. (Good song, too.)

On the other hand, we are confronted by the very public nature of a lot of today’s sexuality. One can embrace sexual freedom for all – genuinely, enthusiastically embrace it – without necessarily wanting to embrace having sexual activity “in your face” at every turn.

We think we miss the best bits of decorum. It’s something – we stumble into incoherence here, but we think you’ll get what we mean – something to do with manners. Something to do with a more polite, less up-front world, where things are left to the imagination – if for no other reason that using our imagination is good for us as a species. Sometimes, though we hate the cliche, less really is more.

We confidently expect our inbox to be filled with abuse.


Well apart from a few people confirming that, yes, we are old farts, most people have engaged in a civilised debate about ADAM’s video.

But what is really great – Lord, we love the world wide interweb thing – is that someone has already, and hilariously, spoofed it. Watch these three guys. Bravo.

orgasms good for you

(From Huffpost)

Hard on the heels of breakthrough research that drinking champagne is good for heading off Alzheimers, we all know that doing crossword puzzles is good for your brain – but not as good as having orgasms, apparently.

Rutgers researchers Barry Komisaruk and Nan Wise, who study human pleasure, recruited female subjects (why only women? Ed.) willing to bring themselves to orgasm while lying in an MRI machine that measured blood flow to different parts of the brain. These experiments showed that orgasms increase blood flow to all parts of the brain – bringing nutrients and oxygenation along, too.

“Mental exercises increase brain activity but only in relatively localized regions,” Komisaruk told Will Pavia for the Times Of London. “Orgasm activates the whole.”

As well as keeping your brain sharp, orgasms are thought to decrease stress, ease depression and increase longevity. Komisaruk is also spearheading research on how orgasms can block pain.

In November 2011, writer Kayt Sukel volunteered as a subject for Komisaruk’s research. In an article about her experience for The Guardian, Sukel explained that the most difficult part of the experience was remaining still enough during the scan to keep the data viable, and explaining to her friends what she was up to.

“If you ever want to make even the most cosmopolitan of your friends speechless, telling them you have volunteered to travel to Newark, New Jersey, so you can masturbate to orgasm in an fMRI is a great way to start,” Sukel quipped in a blog post for the Huffington Post.

Komisaruk, who has been involved in this field of study since 1982, claims that his research is well-received by the academic community.

“We are desensitizing people,” he told the Times. “They used to be very squeamish about it and we’re very straightforward about it. They don’t make fun of it, we don’t make fun of it. A lot of people take it very seriously.”

Count his research as another good reason to keep having fun in bed.

Meanwhile, your fearless reporter has only one burning question to ask you, Dear Reader:

Would the fact that the research was conducted in New Jersey make it more or less likely that you would volunteer?

Anyway, we will be asking Mrs Wellthisiswhatithink to the boudoir in due course to glug a bottle of Bolly and, er “complete a crossword”. All in the interests of a healthy brain, naturally.