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One punch can killA 21-year-old Caloundra man has been charged with murder after the death of a Brisbane man on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Bruce Steenson, 53, died after he was allegedly punched in the head as he walked with a friend along the Mooloolaba Esplanade late on Friday night. He was taken to Nambour Hospital in a critical condition but his life support was turned off last night.

It is understood the attack happened when Steenson told a man arguing with a taxi driver to “give it a rest”.

Steenson was the former state president of the AFL Masters Football Queensland and a member of the National Hall of Fame.

His long-time friend Gary Mitchell says he was a great man and a mentor to many.

“For this to happen is just ridiculous. It should not happen,” he said. “I don’t know what we’re going to do about it but something needs to be done.”

boulevardDetective Inspector Daren Edwards says police are reviewing CCTV footage from nearby venues.

“This is an unfortunate one, it certainly didn’t occur in a licensed premises,” he said. “It happened down on the Esplanade on the street there. It’s a well-patronised area. Certainly it comes down to people’s own individual behaviour and actions.”

At Wellthisiswhatithink we are close to despair that the message that one punch can kill is simply not getting through to, and not getting through to young males, especially.

We need a cultural shift – and a cultural shift starts not with penalties and punishments but with public advocacy campaigns. And not just small, token campaigns – being seen to do the right thing – but massive ones, costing millions of dollars. This is a political issue, and it needs a political response.

We desperately need, as a society, to make “one punch” socially unacceptable. Government needs to do more than increase prison terms. We need to change the minds and souls of the young, for whom casual violence has become acceptable, for whatever reason.

This will not be done with half-hearted campaigns to quiet the critics. This will require a “whole of society effort”, led by the authorities. And the campaign needs to start NOW if we are to start to turn the tide. Before more people die, or are permanently incapacitated with brain injuries.

And before more 21 year olds throw away their life. And destroy their own families, too.

The bottom line? We should be able to take a stroll along the beach front – and we should be able to say “give it a rest” to someone being obnoxious – without risking death.

If you know of examples of anti-violence campaigns that have worked, please email them to us at


This is a deadly weapon. We need to get the message out to our youth. And you know what? “One Punch Can Kill” sounds like a good starting point to me. As does, “Walk Away, Chill Out.

From AP

How many times have we all said “You know, I could kill that bloody referee!”

Tragically, now, a Dutch linesman has actually died after being beaten by players in the aftermath of a youth match the day before.

Richard Niewenhuizen

RIchard Nieuwenhuizen set out to run the line at a kids soccer game. Now he’s dead.

Richard Nieuwenhuizen collapsed and was rushed to the hospital hours after players from Amsterdam club Nieuw Sloten punched and kicked him.

Nieuwenhuizen’s club, Buitenboys, said the 41-year-old linesman died Monday evening but did not announce the exact cause of death.

Three players, whose ages range from 15 to 16, were arrested earlier Monday for alleged involvement in the beating in the town of Almere.

It remains unclear why the players beat Nieuwenhuizen, but they certainly weren’t justified. The police haven’t ruled out making more arrests as their investigation is ongoing. Meanwhile, Nieuw Sloten have already announced that they banned the players arrested from the club and pulled their team out of the league.

Apart from this terrifying loss of control by the boys concerned, this story highlights something that we are always concerned about at Wellthisiswhatithink, namely, that as little as a single blow can kill someone. Tragic cases happen all the time, they are in the news regularly.

Typically, one teenage boy hits another, usually fuelled by alcohol, and the next thing we know one boy is dead and another is on trial for murder or manslaughter, their life ruined. Two families destroyed.

We see campaigns, constantly, persuading youth not to carry guns or knives. Well, we think we are long overdue a broad public education campaign reminding boys – whatever they see in popular media, and surely the casual violence of continual fist fights in Hollywood movies must have de-sensitised us to the use of punching – that fist fights kill, and a single blow can be all it takes.

Zero tolerance for violence. Nothing else is acceptable.

I found this site, One Punch Can Kill, from Queensland, which is a start. Well done them. But we need a wider campaign reaching youth around the world. The yield will be hundreds if not thousands of young lives saved, and a similar number saved from having their lives ruined by a moment of insanity. Surely social media – YouTube, Facebook, would be perfect to get the message out to the right audience. And it should be reinforced at the places that matter – clubs, pubs, public transport, on the streets.

You may also care to checkout the Matthew Stanley Foundation. Matthew was just 15 when he died attending a party in Queensland. 1,000 people attended his funeral.

Great advice. Simple, memorable.

Great advice. Simple, memorable.

The Matthew Stanley Foundation are responsible for the “Walk Away, Chill Out”  campaign.

Walk Away, Chill Out.

If only we could get that simple message out there so EVERY young person hears it.

Ideas, comments, help, all welcome.