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That’s pretty honest of me.
So you see, it’s like this. Wellthisiswhatithink has got a head cold, which he has now had for a week, and is feeling thoroughly sorry for himself as only a man with putative man flu can – I frankly don’t expect to survive, so enjoy the blog while you can.

I don’t want to blog about Syria, homosexuality, Mitt Romney, or even Mitt Romney discovering he’s gay while having unexpected sex with a Syrian exile. So in order to keep up the paltry number of hits I normally get on a weekend, here’s the funniest ad of all time.

Followed by possibly the next funniest.

Bizarrely, they are both created to persuade people to learn to speak English. What are the odds?

By the way, did you hear about the new Japanese-Jewish restaurant in New York? It’s called SoSueMe.

There ya go, unexpected bonus. Goodnight.