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Very excited to let all followers of the blog know that I have just started a new Kickstarter project to bring a whole new Variety show to the stage in Melbourne. Poetry! Music! Clowns! Improv! Circus! Theatre! Comedy! Dance! Stuff! Yes, all of that.

The show will focus on unearthing new talent, or giving a boost to established talent that need an outlet.

It’s a bit scary, but you know what? If you don’t do, you … er … don’t do.

This has been my dream for as long as I can recall, and I’ll be frank, a recent health scare (all is well, never fear) has made me realise time is passing.

I will post more news of the project in a few days when Kickstarter hopefully approve it. Watch this space!

PS! Performers in the Melbourne area, don’t delay, signal your interest to me by emailing me on now.


Exploding Heads

The future of comedy is safe, apparently.

If you are within cooo-ee of Melbourne, do yourselves a favour and go.

An excited Dolly Parton fan and sexually liberated strippers in Morocco | Exploding Heads Impro.

Click the link, peeps. And if you get a chance to see this great show during the Melbourne Fringe trust me, just get there.

The 86 Bar, Smith Street Fitzroy. (Which is also a very cool bar, by the way.) You can find all the info you want about times, venues, dates, book tickets (as cheap as eight bucks a head) etc etc here

Went to the opening night and just absoloodle cacked meself with laughter. So much breathtaking young talent: so clever to think it all up as you go, and create pathos, and make people rock with laughter.

Respect. Well done all!