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I will be told, I am sure, that this is mawkish, over-sentimental, the comment about God spoils it, etc etc.

Well, I think it’s beautiful.

Our elderly Golden Lab is on his last legs, but as he hobbles after us and lies on our feet his affection for us is as real, as gentle, as caring, as this lovely animal is being.

It’s about inclusion. It’s about joy. It’s about love. So I just like the video. So there.

So we have a Golden Lab. An adorable old thing, now part blind and deaf, but still enjoying life a lot. He is the loyal-est, most contented creature on the planet. Other than every other Lab, of course.

Golden abrador puppy sleeping

This feels nice. Think I’ll do this for about, well, let’s say the next 13 years, at least.

He is unusual in that he has a “double coat“.  In simple terms, our beloved animal is about the size of a small Shetland Pony, and produces even more shaggy fur than most shaggy dogs on National Shaggy Dog Day. And come Springtime, like now, he sheds.

And sheds and sheds and sheds.

We have black slate floor tiles. Come home some days, and it looks like we have cream pile carpet.

Suddenly, despairing dog owner has brainwave. Vacuum him, not the floors. Get in first. A pre-emptive strike.

As you can see, the dog agrees. Must feel like a sort of canine spa treatment. Just no Thai bitch at the conclusion of the massage barking naughtily “You want happy ending, Mr Zachary?” Checkout the video at the link below: