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“I … Well … Look … Um … Maybe … Perhaps they … Er … Miss Faversham, could you get Marketing on the line, they appear to have made something of a faux pas.”

Unbelievable. Even by our stellar standards.

It is simply not possible to imagine an ad dumber than this.

Unless, of course, Dear Reader, you know better …?

And no, we will not, no matter however you beg, plead and cajole, be drawn into speculation as to what a “Minnow Shot” might be …


(Thank you for the spot, David Oliver.)

"You know what, Jean? it's just ... just ... something's nagging at me ..."

“You know what, Jean? it’s just … just … something’s nagging at me …”

This is a real product.

It’s on the company website.

This went through product development, the creative team that designed it, the client’s various levels of management, and they still came up with this.

There is much we could say. After 25 years in the marketing business we will simply say, it is possibly … unwise.

Words fail me.

Words. Fail. Me.