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Exploding Heads

The future of comedy is safe, apparently.

If you are within cooo-ee of Melbourne, do yourselves a favour and go.

An excited Dolly Parton fan and sexually liberated strippers in Morocco | Exploding Heads Impro.

Click the link, peeps. And if you get a chance to see this great show during the Melbourne Fringe trust me, just get there.

The 86 Bar, Smith Street Fitzroy. (Which is also a very cool bar, by the way.) You can find all the info you want about times, venues, dates, book tickets (as cheap as eight bucks a head) etc etc here

Went to the opening night and just absoloodle cacked meself with laughter. So much breathtaking young talent: so clever to think it all up as you go, and create pathos, and make people rock with laughter.

Respect. Well done all!