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Just checkout this story, if you would.

Shocking. OK, let’s be glad these people were freed, but one has to ask. How many more? How many more are killed or incarcerated when they’ve done nothing wrong?

The American legal system is a disgrace. Yes, the same is true in many other jurisdictions, including Britain and Australia, but in America this casual attitude to sentencing is allied to some of the most insane “mandatory” sentencing regimes around.

For example, The Age in Melbourne has now caught up with the outrage over one such case which was first reported in Well This Is What I Think some weeks ago: this link also includes a petition you can sign to free the woman concerned …

People often ask me why I bash on about America so much. The answer is simple. It is the greatest experiment in particpatory democracy in the history of our species and we all need it to succeed. So: I hold them to a higher standard.  It’s that simple.