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I promise I do not make these up. I mean, I promise. Honest injun’.

OK. You mean, NO ONE saw this when they put it up? I mean, come on. Even the folks in Chickenfuckin’, Kansas can’t be THAT stupid? Really? Oh well.

Keep sending them in. Over here at Planet Sanity Headquarters we love ’em to bits.

The other F*** Ups we’ve spotted this year, if you missed ’em.

The world’s stupidest billboard placement:

Not the holiday anyone would really want:

Stores abusing innocent shoppers:

My personal favourite so far, the most embarrassingly badly worded headline in history:

Oh, those crazy wacky country McDonalds eaters:

And the most recent. The amazingly handy father:

Not to mention the Sub Editing F*** Up of the Year, which also got an honourable mention:

More soon, no doubt. Keep ’em coming people.