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Channel 9

Still the one. Just broke.

Fairfax (ie the Age) have done a brilliant job of explaining how Australia’s number one free-to-air TV company have managed to go tits up, which has driven the Twitterverse and Blogosphere into a frenzy in the last day or so.

If you are a businessperson, or maybe just an interested viewer, it’s an excellent example of business reporting. And a salutary tale about … yes, you guessed it … carrying too much debt.


Eddie, for pity’s sake, give us a rest …

Presumably the other solution to 9’s worries would, of course, simply be to retire Eddie McGuire for a while.

Not only would a worn-out audience be relieved, but they would sans doubt save some unknown billions of dollars a year on his salary and perks through this move alone.

Eddie-less airwaves?

At Wellthisiswhatithink, we’d like to see that.

Nothing against the guy personally – he’s a pro, and he’s actually a very decent bloke – we are just thoroughly sick of watching his fizzog!

He makes a roll of film left in the sunlight on Mercury look over-exposed.