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UK sources assert, although others insist it is a con, (including a tweet from his mother) that WikiLeaks Founder and fugitive Julian Assange has been arrested

The original story was apparently posted by one Conal Urquhart … And is as follows:

“Sources close to this reporter have confirmed that WikiLeaks founder and international fugitive Julian Assange has been arrested by Scotland Yard detectives at a private medical clinic located just a five minutes drive from the Ecuadorian embassy at Hans Crescent, London.

It is believed that Assange had been feeling unwell since before christmas, and after consultation from the in-house doctor he was referred to the specialist clinic.

Just before entering the clinic Assange was arrested by undercover Scotland Yard officers who swiftly took him into there custody.

It is thought that Assange was then transported to the nearby Chelsea and Westminister hospital – also in central London.

The incident only occured within the last 45 minutes and details are rapidly unfolding.

Even at this early stage it is understood that Assange was being transferred by diplomatic officials from the embassy – and the convey he was being transported in had diplomatic plates.

More information will be made available as it comes in.”

No doubt. But as it is nearly midnight in Australia I am going to sleep. Good luck following the story, Dear Reader.

PS Anyone wondering why someone wouldn’t want to rely on Swedish assurances that they won’t be packed off to the USA might like to read this: