Our favourite articles … which are yours? UPDATED


Of necessity, this is a collection heavily influenced by my personal proclivities. You will have your own favourites – and please suggest them. I simply provide this list because it becomes increasingly difficult to sift through a blog this size – well over 700 articles now – so these are some of the articles I like best, and I hope it helps.

There are lots more – I haven’t put any of the Advertising F*** Ups on here, even though they are very popular, indeed, they are always the most popular posts of all, and I haven’t put much of the political stuff, because it dates. But to find all the F*** Ups we’ve found, just put F*** Up in the search box top left of this page. Go on, you know you want to.

The joy of owning a winning racehorse. http://wp.me/p1LY0z-28b

Hilarious French condom ad – and I try to make some serious points. http://wp.me/p1LY0z-bA

A really great pair of tits. http://wp.me/p1LY0z-dH

On newspaper delivering, and first love. http://wp.me/p1LY0z-io

The EU – better than no Europe at all. http://wp.me/p1LY0z-F

Video of me reading my poem “Small Fry”, which I love, and of which I am very proud. Also includes a link to my book. http://wp.me/p1LY0z-5r

The best ad wot I never wrote. Pity. http://wp.me/p1LY0z-3K

Reflections on the judicial murder of Troy Davis, who was executed for a murder he did not commit. The case exercised the attention of this blog for months, and that of literally millions of other writers and campaigners around the globe. Nevertheless, they killed him. http://wp.me/p1LY0z-8Y

Pacifist dreaming – reflections on the arms trade, and soldiering, with a dash of vintage Donovan thrown in. http://wp.m/p1LY0z-7V

On Shakespeare, fine teachers, and Rowan Atkinson. http://wp.me/p1LY0z-lZ

On daughters – specifically, mine. http://wp.me/p1LY0z-Ik

Hilarious “true” trailer for Game of Thrones. Laugh out loud funny. http://wp.me/p1LY0z-25N

Well, I think that’s enough for now.

Do search away merrily on your favourite topics, you’ll find something.

To say this blog is eclectic is a bit like saying it’s hot in Melbourne in February – which it has been, this year, by the way – ten days in a row in the early thirties centigrade. Another heat record. Which might be why I am compiling “best of” lists instead of being genuinely creative.

It’s just too damn hot to think.

  1. Deandre says:

    Hi! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established blog. Is it hard to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty fast. I’m thinking about making my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any points or suggestions? Many thanks


    • Hi Deandre, well this blog is created in WordPress and I find it very easy to use. Head to wordpress.com and have a scout around – they have good FAQs, help videos and stuff. It really is as easy as picking a theme you like for the design and getting started writing. You’ll soon pick it up! Good luck!


  2. Pat A says:

    Yolly, I’ve just read your blog ‘Atheist or Agnostic’ on 7 January 2014 – you asked for comments but as I am new here I didn’t know where to put them – I think you did brilliantly in your reply to the teenager. Faith cannot be proved (that’s axiomatic) – and one’s own religious experiences convince one that there is a God of love, but cannot be hauled out and used to prove to someone else that there is a God – sad but true. One should keep one’s eyes open (and ears too) to observe if the way that people behave matches what they say – then find out what they believe – if it is worthwhile, find out more. Sadly the most extreme (and lunatic) people are usually the ones who shout the loudest – so ignore them and look at those working quietly without fanfare for the benefit of others – there you will find true faith. If you like it, imitate it!
    Thanks for all the blogs – especially the humorous ones – we all need laughter!
    Kind regards
    Pat A


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