So, this Brexit thing. Here’s the state of play.

Posted: February 13, 2019 in Life, Political musings, Popular Culture et al
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Our regular Reader, and Facebook friends, will know that we are somewhat exercised over the collective insanity that is Brexit. Wandering around the world wide interweb thingy, we saw this: To us, it seems remarkably apposite:

Leavers “We voted for Brexit, now you Remainers need to implement it”

Remainers “But it’s not possible!”

Leavers “The People Have Spoken. Therefore it is possible. You just have to think positively.”

Remainers “And do what exactly?”

Leavers “Come up with a Plan that will leave us all better off outside the EU than in it.”

Remainers “But that’s not possible!”

Leavers “Quit with the negative vibes. The People Have Spoken.”

Remainers “But even you don’t know how!”

Leavers “That’s your problem, we’ve done our bit and voted, we’re going to sit here and eat popcorn and watch as you do it.”

Remainers “Shouldn’t you do it? It was your idea. We were happy.”

Leavers “It’s not up to us to work out the detail, it’s up to you experts.”

Remainers “I thought you’d had enough of experts?”

Leavers “Remain experts.”

Remainers “There are no Leave experts.”

Leavers “Then you’ll have to do it then. Oh, and by the way, no dragging your feet or complaining about it, because if you do a deal we don’t want, we’ll eat you alive.”

Remainers “But you don’t know what you want!”

Leavers “We want massive economic growth, no migration, free trade with the EU and every other country, on our terms, the revival of British industry, re-open the coal mines, tea and vicars on every village green, some nice bunting, and maybe restoration of the empire.”

Remainers “You’re delusional.”

Leavers “We’re a delusional majority. DEMOCRACY! So do the thing that isn’t possible, very quickly, and give all Leavers what they want, even though they don’t know what they want, and ignore the 16 million other voters who disagree. They’re tight trouser latte-sipping hipsters who whine all the time. Who cares?”

This was created by Ishtar Ostaria and kudos to Ish.

We’d like to engage in one more bit of speculation.

The best intelligence at the moment seems to be that May will bring a deal back to the UK Parliament to pass which leaves the situation virtually as it is now, with Britain inside the EU, except Britain will lose all influence over the EU by not having any input in the EU parliament or ministerial conflabs. How that improves Britain’s standing is beyond us, even though it is what we speculated would happen years ago.

OR May will come back to the Parliament and say “This can’t be done, we need to defer Article 50, possibly for quite some time.”

This will create a political furore in Britain, even if it actually makes sense.

May might then go to the country for a renewed mandate, and with Labour languishing because of their leadership’s inability to oppose Brexit, and the Lib Dems seemingly unable to make up significant ground on them, she will probably get it. Which won’t make Brexit any easier, but which will entrench probably the most incompetent Government in recent British history in power for another five years.

British civil discourse is being rent asunder by political toxicity, and the country is led by donkeys. It’d be funny, if it wasn’t so tragic.

  1. Richard Hexem says:

    Ouch! Don’t know what’s going on here, but still feel like I’ve been sent to principals office.


  2. underwriiter505 says:

    So – does Theresa May by any chance have any investments in Russia? Asking for a friend.


  3. Paul Brixey says:

    A good summary of events and only ruined by the childish comments about village greens, vicars etc. I’m surprised that you don’t throw in the usual jibe about young people missing out.

    Brexiteers have had to put up with a hell of a lot these past two years and we’ve been called many things. The latest tactic I’ve heard this week is that we are old and someone even said a few old men who just want to recall the war will soon be dead and therefore that would be lost in a second vote.

    You are spot on with your comment about an ‘incompetent’ government. The main cause of that is having people in charge who don’t believe in what they are doing.

    When the dust settles in just over 40 days we will be OUT and then I wonder what Remainers will loan about then.

    One thing that is sure is that respect for the majority has damaged my belief in democracy. What a funny old world we live in.


    • Stephen Yolland says:

      I would take issue with a couple of your opinions, Paul.

      I do agree that the debate has become toxic, which is very sad, but I don’t think Leavers have been subjected to any more offensive abuse than Remainers. The main criticism of those who voted Leave is that they were conned – or allowed themselves to be conned – or ignored the facts. I am sorry to have to say to you that I agree with that analysis, as we know both of the deliberate lies told by Leave, and the fact that they overspent their campaign allowance, but I hope you are not personally offended that I hold that view.

      To my eyes Brexit was actually howl of rage, born largely of “austerity”, that was a classic case of people cutting off their nose to spite their face. I don’t think it had anything much to do with the EU at all, except that it delivered the EU as a useful target for peoples’ anger.

      If Brexit ever happens – I am still not sure it ever will – then it will be a ridiculous Brexit that keeps us in a customs union, allows freedom of movement, and much else will stay the same. All it will achieve is to remove us from the decision-making forums of the EU. I can’t for the life of me see what the purpose of that is. So, frankly, what Remainers will do if Brexit ever happens is start a campaign to return us to the EU, which is, of course, democracy in action. Democracy is not a point in time. It is a continuum.

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  4. Pat says:

    The excellently portrayed Leaver here seems to have made a mistake – it was only a majority of those who voted on the day who voted to leave…

    Mind you it is a mistake constantly promoted by the highly paid minions of the media, including the BBC – no majority of the electorate voted to leave the EU. It was not 52% of the population or 52% of the total electorate who voted Leave, it was 52% of the voters who voted on that day – and in fact is 33% of the total electorate who voted Leave! (Office of National Statistics, there were 46.1 million people in the total electorate at the time of the non-binding referendum.).

    Mind you, I have just met someone who frightened me with his astounding stupidity and callous lack of care about anyone in the country at all – and he said ‘Bring it on…’ about the possibility of No-Deal – he didn’t care at all that people will lose their jobs in hundreds of thousands if there is either No Deal Brexit (utter pits of despair) or Mrs May’s deal – or that there won’t be food on the shelves of shops or that there won’t be medicines for those who desperately need them.

    Why on earth Mrs May should be hell-bent on getting us out of the EU as fast as possible no-one with a fully functioning brain and human compassion – and who has ever held a real, difficult job that doesn’t depend on all the privileges that wealthy Parliamentarians can generally call on – can understand. It is looking more and more as if this will destroy this country, all to try and appease the Far Right Rees-Mogg, Johnson, Gove, Davis, Farage et al.

    Mystifying and despair making.


    • Stephen Yolland says:

      Indeed, indeed …


    • Paul Brixey says:

      Aaah the old messing about with percentages. It’s quite simple that if you can’t be arsed to get out of bed to vote then you lose, especially when there was such a high turnout.

      To call the likes of Johnson, Gove, Rees-Mogg and Davis ‘hard right’ is not only incorrect but downright stupid.

      May isn’t getting us out as ‘soon as possible’ otherwise we would have been out a long time ago.

      Anyway life moves on, I’m still alive and really looking forward to 29th March when we will leave the EU…..that’s if there’s an EU to leave by then.

      Interesting to note that no one has commented on the disgraceful comments about ‘old people’ that Remainers are constantly harping on about.


      • Stephen Yolland says:

        Well plenty of people think those men are so far on the right of the British political spectrum as to be more than worthy of the term Hard Right, measured by their ACTIONS, not what they say. I guess it all depends on where you think the left-right axis of British politics now lies.

        Rees-Mogg, in particular, is a consistently loathsome representative of the worst aspects of the ruling class, which has no interest in the needs of people like you and I.

        Johnson, of course, is also a self-seeking little toad with the intellectual heft of an ant.

        As for the “disgraceful comments” you mention, they are nothing but the simple truth. Those who voted Leave are proportionately older than those who voted Remain. Serious psephological studies show that if the referendum was re-run now then Leave would lose because of the deaths since the first time it was run. However that’s not a reason to hold another referendum even though it would convenience my side of the argument. The reason to hold another referendum is to let people vote on the TERMS of any Brexit, which is right and proper.


  5. Pat says:

    Oh you did hear about Grayling giving a £14 million contract to a new shipping company (and it hadn’t been put out to tender either) – which didn’t even have a pedalo to its name?! The ‘shipping firm’ also had a contract which appeared to have been lifted wholesale from a Pizza delivery company – complete with clauses about non-delivery of Pizza and late penalties! (See the broadsheets for details).

    When you call this unbelievable lot ” probably the most incompetent Government in recent British history” that sounds as though that is high praise compared to what this lot are really like. The words ‘party’ (I Bowdlerise here) and ‘brewery’ do come to mind!


  6. Pat says:

    Another thing Yolly, you know Boris Johnson is rumoured (despite his breathtaking incompetence as Foreign Secretary and as the Mayor of London – particularly in letting pollution ride so high above safety limits and refusing to help) to want to become the next PM – well there is this – remember the Garden Bridge project? Apparently they managed to spend £53 million – and not a thing was built – again reported in the broadsheets today.

    The Gruniad has beneath the photo of Boris Johnson –
    “Boris Johnson has said he can’t remember why he agreed to water down conditions for the release of public money for the bridge. Photograph: Ray Tang/Rex/Shutterstock

    The charity behind a plan to build a garden bridge across the Thames in London spent £53.5m without even beginning full construction, final figures for the abandoned scheme have revealed.

    Of the total spent by the Garden Bridge Trust, £43m was public money – £24m from Transport for London and £19m from the Department for Transport, TfL said on Wednesday.

    The rest of the money came from donations to the trust, or fundraising activities.”

    It seems to me the whole article is symptomatic of this government – they couldn’t organise a party in a brewery – and Boris ‘can’t remember why he agreed to water down conditions for the release of public money’ – any ideas anyone?!


    • Stephen Yolland says:

      I wasn’t aware of that, Pat, and thank you. As to Johnson’s competence, you only have to listen every time he opens his mouth to judge that.

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  7. Tulipels says:

    All playing at kindergarten level, without adults to intervene.


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