Woman “Live Streams” her own death in car crash.

Posted: July 12, 2017 in Life
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We do not provide this link to gain some sort of spurious or macabre thrill at witnessing a fatal crash, or encouraging you to. Nor do we do it as clickbait.

We do it to remind everyone reading this blog and viewing the footage that the golden rule when driving is “Concentrate or Die.”

Sadly, many lives are tragically lost each year – families shattered – by insufficient attention to the road being paid by the driver, who is seen here glancing at her passenger and cheerfully commenting on the live video whilst driving at speed.

If this video lives in your mind next time you are driving, it might just save your life.

Or your passenger’s.

Nikol Barabasova was 22. Rest in peace.



  1. underwriiter505 says:

    I can think of circumstances in which I might want my death video recorded, but this isn’t one of them. But if I were killed, possibly murdered, and particularly if anyone with some kind of authority were involved …


  2. Pat says:

    I shan’t watch the video, but I appreciate you putting it up there. Whenever I have driven a car, I have been very well aware of the fact that the vehicle weighs about 1 – 2 tons (in the case of some large cars) and is potentially lethal.

    I always used to say a brief prayer before driving too – and my elder sister sneered at me once for doing so, saying ‘Do you really think that is going to protect anyone’ and I smiled sweetly and said ‘Perhaps not, but it certainly puts you in the right frame of mind for driving’ – she had no reply! (That hasn’t happened often you know).

    BTW I’ve never had an accident, but avoided some people apparently deliberately bent on self-destruction, some by driving on the wrong side of the road. I hope this misguided young woman didn’t take anyone else with her – and that those who mourn her are comforted somehow, poor souls.


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