Tell us again how guns in homes save lives, America?

Posted: August 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

Father takes his kids to a theme park before shooting them in the head, and his wife. And himself.

  1. Pat A says:

    Can’t look up article – too depressing. I feel so sorry for the good decent Americans having to live with so many other people in their country who are either evil or ill – and very heavily armed! The NRA has so much to answer for, doesn’t it.


  2. underwriiter505 says:

    And there are still people – including some who can even write complete sentences – who believe this, in spite of all the statistics proving otherwise. I truly can’t fathom it. But what really complicates the issue are the good decent people who own guns for, say, hunting, and don’t want to be classified with the lunatics. I can certainly understand that. But they do get testy.


    • Stephen Yolland says:

      You make a fair point, except as you are perfectly aware it is much easier to kill people with guns than knives/axes.


      • My problem with continuing this conversation is that (i) in all your puffery about gun laws in a place 10,000 miles from where you live, you have never highlighted ONE case where guns have saved lives nor sought to make any balanced comment, and (ii) you have never advanced one realistic, workable solution about what to do. You must do better than ‘take guns away from people who never committed a crime.

        Until you can progress to that, it is just more noise.


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