Do #BrownLivesMatter?

Posted: July 26, 2016 in Political musings, Popular Culture et al
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80 Shia Muslims from the minority Hazari sect were killed Saturday and over 300 mutilated by IS in car bomb attacks on their peaceful demonstration in Kabul.

Be interesting to see how it occupies the news cycle in the West over the next couple of days. Or not.

Haven’t heard a word on it anywhere. You?

  1. Pat A says:

    I doubt it – and this has been going on for some time. Re-reading that John Simpson book this was going on years ago – at first the BBC would take reports from him if a few people were killed where he was in the Middle East, then as the atrocities continued even the deaths of 70 people killed at once out there were ignored as there apparently ‘weren’t enough’ to make the news. Awful.

    I know we all have the tendency to feel things more if they are closer to home, but people’s lives matter all over the world. Perhaps the news editors and those above them feel that people would just give up if they knew the numbers being killed by these psychopaths… I don’t know.

    May God bring good out of evil – let’s face it, He has a lot to work with!

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  2. gwpj says:

    Well put Yolly. It has been going on for years with very little, if any, attention given to it.


  3. underwriiter505 says:

    “Perhaps the news editors and those above them feel that people would just give up if they knew the numbers being killed by these psychopaths…” That’s very kind to the news people, I think. My first reaction was, more likely they are scared that if people knew the numbers, they would become activists. But truthfully, that’s unlikely. The most likely thing is that they are afraid people would be massively bored and turn off the channel. In which they may well be correct. Those of us who care always have difficulty understanding the people who don’t, as well as realizing how overwhelming their numbers are.


  4. It can appear a bit random, the things that pop-up in the news cycle. That is also the case about what doesn’t appear in the blog cycle.

    Why, even in this one we have a ‘he’s a lying, evil fascist’ piece about Trump, a ‘look what’s happening in Afghanistan’ reminder and doubtless soon to emerge, a ‘how wonderful the Democrat Conference was and wasn’t Hillary’s speech wonderful and didn’t she look radiant’ opinion.

    Yet nothing about what is making headline news around the world and is happening in a place called Melbourne, Australia.

    Up your game, Mr Well this is what I think. You must be able to blame this on a right wing politician somewhere. Lack of spending in a crucial area, maybe. Go for it.


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