This is what dysfunctional looks like. Civil war breaks out in the Republican Party.

Posted: July 21, 2016 in Political musings
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It is rumoured that the hard heads in the GOP have already given up any hope of Donald Trump winning the Presidential election in November and are casting their minds to 2020 with increasing attention. They were hardly helped by the laughable plagiarism scandal of Donald’ Drumpf’s poor wife reading a speech written for her that was in part lifted holus bolus from a previous Michelle Obama speech – really, who is running this shambles? – but today’s appearance by beaten candidate Ted Cruz was a killer.

Just look at this:


We are by no means fans of Cruz. We just honestly don’t think he’s an awfully nice guy, and he’s a few light years to the right of our own opinions. Mind you, it was hard to disagree with any of the platitudes he delivered in this address. And watching a bunch looney-tunes red-necks booing him for sympathising with the child of a dead Dallas policeman was not the most edifying thing we’ve ever seen.

But today the chickens came home to roost as he very obviously did NOT endorse the equally loathsome Trump as the GOP’s candidate, ripping any semblance of party unity to shreds. Hardly surprising when Trump attacked his wife on a very sexist and personal basis during the campaign and also dubbed Cruz “Lyin’ Ted”. Probably a bit much to expect them to kiss and make up, although the managers of the GOP obviously lived in hope. If we had been running this convention we would have given all of Trump’s critics inside the party a week’s free vacation somewhere without Twitter or journalists, but hey, what do we know?

Anyhow, as you can see in the video, he was booed off stage at the Republican National Convention in Oklahoma after failing to endorse newly elected presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Now Cruz has been accused of ‘snubbing’ Trump during his speech, after finishing in second place in the primaries. And while his speech initially began with a standing ovation from the audience, the mood quickly changed after Cruz noticeably neglected Trump from his address.


Ted Cruz took the stage at the Republican convention. Photo: Getty

“I want to congratulate Donald Trump for winning the nomination last night. And like each of you, I want to see the principles our party believes prevail in November,” Cruz began.

But that was the first and last reference of Trump’s name.

So as he continued, an increasingly restless audience began to realise an endorsement for their leader was not on the cards.

“We want Trump! We want Trump!” fans shouted out over Cruz, as he reminded everyone to vote in November.


Cruz was jeered off stage after he failed to endorse Trump. Photo: Getty

“If you love our country and love your children as much as I know you do, stand and speak and vote your conscience and vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the constitution,” Cruz went on.

The final minutes of his speech were virtually drowned out by booing and chanting, leaving him to simply smile ironically and wave as he made his way off stage.

A reporter for CNN said other members of the Republican party were infuriated by the speech.

“The anger is boiling over. So much so that I am told by a source, who was in a donor suite, when Ted Cruz walked in after he said his speech, the people were so angry at Cruz that they were calling him a disgrace to his face,” reporter Dana Bash said.


Donald Trump looked unimpressed as he stood at the back of the arena with his family. Photo: AFP

“A state party chair was yelling at him so angrily that he had to be restrained. That gives you a sense of just how intense the anger is now on the floor.”

And Cruz’s wife Heidi had to be escorted from the audience after her husband was jeered off stage, while US Political media site FiveThirtyEight labelled the speech as a “giant middle finger to Trump”.

During the end of Cruz’s address, Trump appeared at the back of the stadium where he waved to his fans before being seated with his family.

Pass the popcorn. This party is unelectable. Not only will Clinton beat Trump hands down – a remarkable achievement for a women who has been ruthlessly pursued, pilloried and calumnised for years now, and as a result is toxically unpopular with vast swathes of the population – but it’s very likely Republicans will lose seats “up and down the ticket”. Exactly how this will play out nationally is as yet indistinct, but it’s an effect that scares Republican grandees and candidates mightily. They will lose good people, vital if the drift of their party to the wilder outreaches of the political wilderness is to be resisted.

And frankly, more fool them. After years of pandering to the “anti-politics” mob in their own party, (of whom Cruz was a leading light), Republicans have been warned again and again and again that they are converting their once great party into a basket case, and effectively transforming America into a one-party-dominated country that is bitterly – very bitterly – divided between “everyone else” and the beaten down, angry, marginalised white working class, the lower middle class, and the elderly.

The Republicans are eating themselves. It’s going to get uglier before it gets better, if it ever does.

  1. Peter Morley says:

    I’ll have $100 on Trump with you. Under the odds but I’d love to take your $100.


    Stephen Yolland posted: “It is rumoured that the hard heads in the COP have already given up any hope of Donald Trump winning the Presidential election in November and are casting their minds to 2020 with increasing attention. They were hardly helped by the laughable plagiarism s”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Stephen Yolland says:

      Trump is $3.10 on Sportsbet. So I can lay you off on an evens bet and still come out ahead.

      Tell you what, offer me $4 and you’ve got a bet. Mate: don’t do it.


    • gwpj says:

      Very well said, Yolly about the clown rally that is the GOP (“Grand Old Party” for those who might not know what it means). As for Ted Cruz? Omigod, what a clown.


  2. Let’s hope this prediction is as wildly inaccurate as your last few.


    • Stephen Yolland says:

      It’s you who has to live under President Drumpf, not me.


      • Yes. By choice.

        Not as a negative ‘oh I don’t like it here so I am going to run away’.

        Cruz has sunk any future chance he had (skim though it was) and has succeeded in uniting the party around Trump.

        Stick to Aussie politics, mate. At least it sounds as though you know what’s going on there.


        • Stephen Yolland says:

          We shall see, we shall see …


          • We’ve already ‘seen’ with this hopelessly lop-sided, biased summary of Cruz’s speech. You just carry on on Planet Yolly. First sign of Lib Dems, btw. Farron was called last of all at PMQs. That’s influence for you.


            • Stephen Yolland says:

              My reporting of Cruz’s speech was mild compared to the way the American media reported it.


              • Aah, that bastion of unbiased commentary, the American press. It did NOT go over well on conference floor and he is a busted flush in Texas GOP. A real Texan would have supported the team and tried to come again in 4 or 8 years. He was just a little boy throwing a tantrum.


  3. Pat A says:

    How desperately I hope you are right in your prediction Yolly! Trump is an appalling human being apparently devoid of any virtue or higher feeling – and I am sorry to say that in print about anybody, but it is true, all you have to do is read what he says to know it.


    • Lol. Hang on a minute. Since when have Trump’s opponents become interested in ‘virtue and higher-feeling’? At this rate they will soon be saying that ‘honesty and integrity are important’.

      This has made my day.


  4. Talking about dysfunctional parties, I can barely wait to read your scathing remarks about the DNC and its chairperson.


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