“Take care, all the best”: teenager fired by text message after she nearly dies of anaphylaxis.

Posted: June 28, 2016 in Science
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epi pen

We have no words. Her supervisor needs counselling – or sacking – and the company – all companies – need to have training for their staff in how to handle these situations, not just for their staff, but for their customers.

As for the suggestion that every retail premise should have an Epi-Pen, that’s very sensible.

People can have a FIRST anaphylactic attack and die. Read the story here:


  1. underwriiter505 says:

    This does hit home. I have many allergies of many different kinds. I personally am a delayed reactor, so have never come close to anaphylaxis, but, as you point out, that doesn’t mean I couldn’t, and without warning. So many young people who are being born with allergies, developing allergies, learning they have allergies are not delayed reactors – and are way, WAY too young to die.

    And heaven knows I have come across tons of people who don’t believe there is any such thing as an allergy. And these people should not be responsible for other people’s lives. I don’t suppose there’s anything in Saskatchewan law that would allow the supervisor to be prosecuted for criminal negligence?

    BTW – I am assuming that Yahoo! Australia is a trifle more accurate than Yahoo! U.S. That could make a difference of course.


  2. Pat A says:

    I have never sued anyone, but I do think that some companies and people deserve to be sued so that they don’t do horrendous things again. If this is found to be factually correct, the company that employed her and her boss deserve very high penalties (her manager sounds as though they deserve sacking and never employing again) – and that company should restructure its whole attitude to the workforce – it may discover that their workers are actually people! Strewth!


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