Oh England, My England. What have you done?

Posted: June 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

Boris Johnson

The UK’s first day of “independence” has gone just swimmingly, though, eh?

1. Nigel Farage went on the tele and retracted the (false) claim that we send £350 million per week to the EU that would now be re-directed to the NHS and said Vote Leave should never have made that commitment to voters in the first place. Yesterday, this commitment was on the side of Vote Leave busses across the country. Exit polling indicates additional funding for the NHS was cited as a reason for leaving by nearly 80% of leave voters. Voters ignored thousands of Remain spokespeople trying to explain it was a lie.

2. Daniel Hannan MEP retracted the (false) claim that leaving the EU will lead to drastically reduced immigration into Britain. Exit polling indicates this was the second most cited reason voters gave for leaving the EU. Would have been nice if Vote Leave had bothered to be honest with voters about both of these matters before today.

3. S&P, the only rating agency still giving the UK a AAA credit rating, confirms it has placed that rating under review for downgrade. It appears a downgrade is much more likely than not. Borrowing costs to fund Britain’s large deficit are set to increase markedly.

4. Sterling collapsed to its lowest level against the USD in three decades, the biggest single day drop in the history of the currency. It is the third biggest single day drop in any currency ever. It is currently $1.36, down an incredible 13 cents against the dollar in less than 24 hours from a high of $1.49 yesterday.

5. Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister, has said a second independence referendum is “highly likely”. Scots will likely vote on dismembering the United Kingdom in the next few years, which will fuel further uncertainty and economic turmoil. But who could blame them?

6. Sinn Fein and various others in Northern Ireland call for a border poll on reunification. The border with Ireland, which has all but vanished, will now need to be re-established.

7. Spain calls for co-sovereignty over Gibraltar.

8. More than £1.5 trillion in wealth was wiped out across global markets in just a few hours this morning, the single greatest wealth destroying event in stock market history. That’s 187 years’ worth of British contributions to the EU. Seems worth it to get that money back from Brussels though, eh?

9. The FTSE 100 (largely multinationals) fell more than 8% and the FTSE 250 (which reflects mostly British firms rather than multinationals) fell more than 12%. Both steadied after Mark Carney declared that the Bank of England would not hesitate to intervene to instil stability, the same sort of intervention that Mario Draghi had to make to save the Euro during the Greek crisis and that the G7 had to make to save the global economy after the collapse of Lehman. Brexit is an event that ranks alongside those crises in terms of effects on global markets. Anyway never mind, because the Bank of England will fix it. With your money, of course.

10. Ultimately, the FTSE 100 finished down 3% and the FTSE 250 down 7%. Hundreds of billions of pounds has been wiped off people’s ISAs and pension funds. Banks in particular have been hammered.

11. David Cameron resigned without mapping out any plan for implementing the results of the referendum. Boris Johnson is odds on favourite to be our next Prime Minister. In October. You heard that right. Boris Johnson. Clown mayor of London and never even been a Minister.

12. Labour MPs have moved for a vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn which will be considered by the party on Monday.  

He’s for the high jump too.

13. The presidents of the European Council, Commission and Parliament told us to invoke Article 50 and leave as soon as possible and the settlement negotiated by David Cameron earlier this year is now void. The head of the Berlin Stock Exchange summed it up. “We’ll still be friends. But we’re not on the same side now.”

14. Nigel Farage, who earlier claimed that independence was achieved “without a single bullet being fired”, just called for UK gun laws to be relaxed, one week after Jo Cox was murdered on the street in broad daylight. With a gun. Slimeball.

15. Numerous reports of immigrants, and native Britons who happen to be brown, being told to “go back home” in the street and on the Tube, the vote to leave apparently having been taken by some as an indication that most of the country now thinks this sort of thing is acceptable, rather than profoundly un-British and utterly awful.

Lies. Madness. Insanity. Oh, England, my England, what have you done?

Meanwhile, those Britons who are horrified by yesterday’s events might care to note that a petition to Parliament calling for another election is already the fastest growing petition ever, with over 500,000 signatures, and will be debated by the Parliament. If you’re a British citizen and wish to sign you can find it here.

And also, don’t forget that Nigel Farage said that 52-48 wouldn’t be an adequate margin to settle the matter of Britain’s membership. 

Of course, that’s when he thought Leave was going to lose …

  1. carlalouise89 says:

    This is really, really good. More people should see this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pat A says:

    I didn’t foresee Slimeball* and the gun laws, but we in the Remain camp foresaw the rest. Sorry to say it (for the first time ever) but ‘I told you so!’. God help us all (especially those of different appearance who make easy target for the racists).

    * Excellent name for him, I shall use it henceforth, thanks Yolly!


  3. Pat A says:

    Oh yes, as you and people like Adam Hills on The Last Leg (Channel Four), said, the Brexit fans have pleased both such luminaries as Putin and Trump. Such friends to have!


  4. underwriiter505 says:

    I am so sorry.


  5. I like your post/blog too. But just as with any media, I was looking through the different statements to see if I could verify them online. I don’t like to re-post things that are not true. I couldn’t find a Farage retracting his 350 statement. Could you tell me were you got that from?


  6. gwpj says:

    Leaving is not well received here in Japan. Is Nigel Farage the loud blond fellow I think of as the English Donald Trump (noisy, foot-in-mouth know-it-all)?


    • Stephen Yolland says:

      No that’s Boris Johnson, widely considered to be the next Prime Minister. Farage is the bombastic idiot who looks like he’s stepped out of a 1950s period drama.


  7. Elaine says:

    Excellent summary and yes, what have we done? Shot ourselves through the heart and I am shocked at the ignorance that led to that action.


  8. Pat A says:

    At the moment things are getting worse and worse in every way you can think of – including attacks on people in the street in some cases .

    The leaders of the EU seem to be behaving like scorned spouses and want rid of us ASAP – regardless of the fact that the vote was narrowly pro Brexit AND that those who voted for Brexit had been lied to and the vote should be null and void – what the heck are they all thinking, those in power?!! This is feeling very peculiar and very, VERY worrying!

    Please everyone, get on to every petition site you can think of – including but not limited to AVAAZ, Demand Progress, Change.org, Care2 (I can’t get on there anymore – and can’t even write to them to complain!) and anything else you can think of and sign every petition you can! (Mind you beware, read the petitions thoroughly – there are some devious people about who realise people are pressured for time and will only skim-read the petition – I have seen one out there for Farage to be knighted!).

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Pat A says:

    Try living here with no alternative Yolly, AND add to that a knowledge of history, and it feels alarmingly like the 1930s with people willing to believe obvious nasty lies and hatred, and attitudes polarising by the day. Friendships have gone over this – and just think, dimwitted Mr Cameron didn’t need to do this to us at all.

    Firstly he didn’t need to have had a referendum, secondly he could have done something intelligent (yes, I know, against type) and said that only if 75% of the electorate voted for Brexit should it ever come to pass -THAT would have been sensible.


  10. Pat A says:

    Thanks Yolly, encouragement is in short supply over here at the moment, but your comment helps a lot.


  11. This wasn’t your finest hour, was it?

    Fearless Prediction hopelessly wrong and Johnson not even running.

    Could you tell us who will NOT win Wimbledon?


  12. underwriiter505 says:

    So, much later, with Cameron stepping down (though not immediately), Johnson not running, and Farage resigning as leader of UKIP, does anyone have a clew where Britain will be going from here?


  13. underwriiter505 says:

    Must – share – this –
    (Anyone using, just credit Walden Pond Books)


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