OK, so it’s 2016. Now we’re allowed to get into it!

Posted: January 18, 2016 in Political musings
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The current GOP race is something of an un-reality show, frankly.

The current GOP race is something of an un-reality show, frankly.

Aaaaand … we’re back.

Happy New Year everyone, and yes the holiday was lovely, thank you. Will write more on what we saw – and the conclusions we drew – soon.

Meanwhile. So. Here we go.

Deep breath.

Welcome to a year of trying to save America from itself.

Beginning with:



No apologies whatsoever for posting partisan stuff.

We will seek to make our political commentary and predictions unbiased, but any sane, rational person must surely campaign against the current crop of Republican candidates.

They are universally awful. Even the RNC is terrified of them.

Even worse, for the health of public discourse, it means that Hillary (and almost certainly it will be Hillary, although Bernie Sanders will have a couple of creditable early results) will have a coronation rather than get elected on her merits or otherwise, and that ain’t good for America, or anyone who respects democratic debate and the great contest of ideas.

Oh, and you heard it here first. Trump will NOT be the Republican nominee. But if by some miracle we are wrong, he simply cannot win a general election. Demographically, he has simply no chance.

Mind you, what damage he will do to both the Republicans and the broader American body politic along the way is another matter.

Of course, the only hell-toupee fake tan machine ever to run for President is generating some good jokes. Our current favourites are:

What is Donald Trump telling Barack Obama supporters? Orange Is The New Black.

What plane does Donald Trump aspire to fly on? Hair Force One!

Why are Muslims worried about Trumps immigration plans? Once you deport Juan you deport Jamal.

Trump supporters’ new campaign slogan? “We shall over-comb.”

And then one we actually wrote ourselves:

Donald Trump. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.

We feel a t-shirt coming on.

OK.  That’s enough Trump for now – Ed.

  1. gwpj says:

    Amen on everything you say here. The Republican “club” reminds me of a locked ward in a mental hospital that someone has managed to find a way out of, and now they’re all babbling stuff that doesn’t even qualify as good nonsense. Does make for good, somewhat eerie comedy though. 😉


  2. Hi Yolly, just dropped in to see if the level of balanced comment has improved. Obviously not – no mention of the Feds circling around Hillary Clinton, just the usual myopic nonsense. :-))

    Trump has got further than I ever imagined. I was convinced he would have trodden on a major landmine by now and would be out of the race. At this stage, anything can now happen.

    Whilst I hope Trump does not get the nomination, what he has achieved is a ‘push-back’ on political correctness. Could 2015-16 be the years that the tide of political correctness finally begins to recede? I hope so. He has also proven that you do not need the media on your side to make progress and that you do not have to buy into their narrative. I have enjoyed that part, at least.


    • Hi Dickie, good to see you dropping by.

      No, I haven’t covered off the Feds/Hillary thing yet, as I think it’s a storm in a teacup. You can be sure I will fearlessly do so if and when it ever amounts to anything much beyond the fevered interest of Drudge Report. Which it may, but I doubt it.

      I think what’s interesting about Trump from a media perspective is the way that, in America especially, SOCIAL media has come to the fore in defending his more ridiculous or incendiary statements. He is unquestioningly tapping into a deep strain of frustration on the right in America, and especially, I suspect, amongst poor, working class whites, who are starting to feel marginalised. You saw a similar phase in the UK with the growth of blue collar support for UKIP.

      And yes, people are heartily sick of political correctness, most everywhere.

      Anyway, enough politics for today. You’ll be pleased (relieved?) to see that I have posted a new travel article about the recent trip.


      • Interesting point you raise about the similarity between the support for Trump and UKIP.

        What I think the ‘left’ (broad term – don’t get hung-up on it) often gets wrong is the level of ‘patriotism’ to the point of jingoism amongst their blue collar, working-class support. Labour misread it horribly in 2015 and 1983 and Corbyn may be doing that again.

        I think you are right in assessing that Trump has a lot of support amongst blue collars. A surprising amount to me. I am still clinging to my belief that he will blow himself up with one rhetoric too many. BUT ‘IF’ he gets the nomination (very possible) and avoids the Bear Traps (less likely) that will be dug for him, almost anything could happen come November.


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