ISIS ‘orders disabled children to be killed’

Posted: December 16, 2015 in Political musings
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Information on the Mosul Eye facebook page says that some children had already died.




“We were able to learn that the Shar’i Board of ISIL issued an ‘Oral Fatwa’ to its members authorising them to ‘kill newborn babies with Down’s Syndrome and congenital deformities and disabled children’.”

The Fatwa was allegedly issued by one of ISIL’s Shar’i judges, a Saudi judge named Abu Said Aljazrawi.

Mosul Eye says more than 38 children have been killed.

“As if it is not enough for ISIL to kill men, women and the elderly, and now, they kill children,” Mosul Eye said.

It said it monitored the deaths of children born with Down’s syndrome and found they are mostly those of foreign fighters who married Iraqi, Syrian and Asian women.

The claims by Mosul Eye, if true, echo Adolf Hitler’s authorisation for the killing of disabled children. At least 5,000 people aged under 16 were murdered during Adolf Hitler’s reign of terror.

The time is long overdue for the Sunni states in the Middle East to tackle this band of heartless miscreants.


  1. underwriiter505 says:

    This is not something new – it is something very, very old. It is not a new low in depravity; it is more like de-volving. In ancient Greece, for example. Infants who were not perfect were put into clay pots and left up on a hillside to die. (Not being perfect, of course, included being the wrong sex, or just inconvenient.) Anyone with a disability who was fortunate(?) enough to make it to adulthood would be bullied for the rest of his or her life. See Thersites in the Iliad. Good, clean fun, it was considered.

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  2. paul says:

    Or leave it to the West to obliterate them off the planet!


  3. Pat says:

    Hitler, Pol Pot and all the other megalomaniac psychopaths would be so happy to hear Daesh are doing this – sigh! Underwriter 505 is right, children were exposed in Sparta in that manner – the Spartans really were extreme – as were the Hatti/Hittities whose capital is the only one that I have ever encountered not on a major river – Hattusa was in the middle of the Turkish highlands, at the time of Ramses the Great – the Hatti would have loved this behaviour too as they were intolerant to the point of extreme psychosis.

    Every so often in history a rabidly intolerant cult leaps up, crushing all around it, it survives for some years then implodes – not that that is any comfort for those suffering from its members. I only hope and pray that Daesh implodes soon.


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