Sign F*** Up as seen by the Fruit of One’s Loins

Posted: November 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

A-Board outside a new shop.

“24 Hour Gym. Open Now.”

Glad to have the clarification. Sadly, Ms Junior Wellthisiswhatithink was past the location before realising she should have taken a photo. But she assures your indefatigable correspondent that it was true.

Apart from the packet of peanuts that said “Warning, may contain peanuts” this may be our favourite F*** Up of some time. 

As always, to read the entire sorry catalogue, just put F*** Up in the search box top left on this page …

  1. Colin Haycock says:

    If it’s a brand new enterprise, I wud’ve thought they had good cause to state ‘Open Now’???

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  2. James Mahoney says:

    Steven Wright has a bit about arriving at a store just as the guy was locking the door. Wright says, “But the sign says ‘Open 24 Hours.'” The guy replies, “Yeah. But not in a row.”


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