Jennifer Lawrence – “Trump Presidency would be the end of the world”.

Posted: October 5, 2015 in Political musings, Popular Culture et al
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“If Donald Trump becomes president, that will be the end of the world,” Lawrence told Entertainment Weekly during an exclusive interview promoting The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2.

Lawrence, 25, apparently regards the possibility of a President Trump as well as her character Katniss Everdeen regards the ruthless President Snow in The Hunger Games, and openly wonders whether the Republican frontrunner’s campaign is indeed legitimate.

“I genuinely believe that reality television has reached the ultimate place where now even things like this might just be for entertainment,” she said. “It’s either that or it’s Hillary’s brilliant idea.”

Two of her Hunger Games costars seemingly agree.

Something of an un-reality show, frankly.

Something of an un-reality show, frankly.

“It’s a publicity stunt,” Josh Hutcherson told EW. “It can’t be real.” Liam Hemsworth, meanwhile, doubles down on Lawrence’s prediction that a Trump presidency could lead to the apocalypse.

“I’ll back you up on that,” he said.

Lawrence added that while Trump’s blunt style might appeal to some voters, his uncensored straight talk leaves her shaking her head.

“I was watching him on the campaign trail and one guy said, ‘I love Donald Trump because he’s saying everything I’m thinking and I just can’t say it because of the PC factor.’ And I’m thinking, ‘You are absolutely right. That’s who I want representing my country, somebody politically incorrect. That will just be perfect.’ ”

A few more people making the same simple point wouldn’t hurt before the world assumes that a great chunk of America has gone stark-staring moon-barking mad.


  1. underwriiter505 says:

    I hate to say so, but a great chunk of America HAS gone stark-staring moon-barking mad. And this has been accomplished by design. When the Republican party started their “Southern Strategy” after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, even they had no idea how it would help them down the road with bigots all over the country, not just in the South. It’s the principle of “Give people who don’t feel good about themselves someone to look down on,” or, more frankly, some one to hate. It’s a divide and conquer strategy that undoubtedly goes back to when humans first began to speak. It’s been used by demagogues ever since. And it may well be as toxic in the United States today as it has ever been anywhere in the world.

    Trump may be a joke, but he is by no means joking. What he is saying may be explicit, but the other Republican candidates, in their way, are saying the same things. Ben Carson says it ought to be against the law for a Muslim to be President. Or maybe he is saying it already is against the law (it isn’t). Ted Cruz – Jeb! Bush – Marco Rubio – ALL of then are saying things about women, blacks, Latinos, the poor, anyone who isn’t THEIR particular kind of Christian, which are fighting words just as much as what the Donald is spouting.

    Which brings me to “Political Correctness.” These – people – apparently really believe that political correctness is essentially lies, and that those who have it lack integrity. Whereas the reverse is closer to the truth. Political correctness is simply the way my mother brought me up. Of course she didn’t call it “political correctness.” She called it “good manners.” And made sure it never forgot the Golden Rule. I have said this so often in so many places I may well have said it here; If so, I apologize for repeating myself. But I certainly don’t apologize for the facts.


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