Do Prime Ministers even LISTEN to the news?

Posted: August 6, 2015 in Political musings
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Fresh back from chucking umpteen bazillion dollars at Adelaide in a desperate attempt to shore up Coalition support in South Australia, where about four Coalition seats look very vulnerable to voter anger over the decline of the ship-building industry – Hey! Remember “We’ll build 12 subs in Adelaide” before the last election”? Guess that was a “non core promise. Also called “bullshit” – Tony Abbot was today in Geelong assertively announcing “Everything we do is focused on jobs and growth.”

“Everything we do”? A cheery message to a regional city that has seen it’s car manufacturing industry decimated and it’s ship-building in decline.

Sadly, this was also the day that saw the jobless rate “jump” – the ABC’s word, not mine – from 6% to 6.3%. Against expectations. And a major news item, unsurprisingly.

Could Abbott have chosen his chest-beating words more carefully? Assuredly.

Does he ever come into contact with the real world outside the Canberra bubble?

We wonder, frankly.

We’re with the kid at the front.

  1. underwriiter505 says:

    I’m not sure it’s an elected officials job to read the news. I is his/her staff’s job to read, mark, learn and inwardly digest it and then spit it out to tell him/her what to think – or at the very least, what to say.

    But, yes, you have a sociopath there. I recognize it because we have so many over here. Heck, I have one practically in my back yard – a bounced-out ex-Navy chaplain named Klingenschmitt (and isn’t THAT a name for a politician living near an old – very old – Trekkie).


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