Challenge accepted: just four friggin’ lines

Posted: June 17, 2015 in Uncategorized
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A fellow blogger, the wonderful Miss Snarky Pants, challenges the world to create something meaningful (or just good) in just Four Frigging Lines.

Needless to say, we could not resist. Can you? Just put your effort in the comments section of one of her (so far) five uniformly excellent efforts.




In the gutter, on its own, a single empty can of tuna in lemon and cracked pepper.
Mouth open, like a gasping fish, staring at the sky.
I hardly know whether to rail at its former owner for his callous discard
Or to take it home and bin it safely, like burying the dead goldfish no one wants to hold.


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  1. Lovely! You’re taking it to a new level. So impressed and humbled that my work has inspired you to contribute your own four-liners!


  2. Pat A says:

    Ahem – sorry to spoil your excellent composition – but shouldn’t it be
    “Or to take it home and recycle it safely” !


  3. Pat A says:

    Ah, those two dratted extra syllables – the joys of scansion!


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