Girls at Islamic school banned from running over virginity fears: report

Vic Islamic college allegedly bans girls from running over virginity concerns.

The principal of an Islamic school in Melbourne’s west has allegedly banned girls from running in sporting events out of concerns it may cause them to lose their virginity, causing a huge community blowback at the worst possible time for local Muslims.

Female students at Al-Taqwa College, in Truganina, were also barred from playing soccer as a sports injury could make them infertile, Fairfax has reported.

School’s regulator, the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority, is reportedly investigating the claims levelled at principal Omar Hallak, who earlier this year courted controversy when he suggested Islamic State was supported by western countries.

In a letter sent to education ministers and published by The Age, a former teacher at the college said:

“The principal holds beliefs that if females run excessively, they may lose their virginity.

“The principal believes that there is scientific evidence to indicate that if girls injure themselves, such as break their leg while playing soccer, it could render them infertile.”

The teacher claimed Mr Hallak stopped the female cross country team from participating in a 2013 and 2014 district event, Fairfax reports.

The girls had been training hard for the competition when Mr Hallak realised they were set to compete and cancelled it.

The girls were reportedly distraught by Mr Hallak’s intervention and penned hand written letters of complaint in which they expressed their disappointment.

“It was really shocking to find out it had been cancelled because the excuse girls can’t run,” one student wrote.

The teacher claimed she had worked at another school where both boys and girls had equally been encouraged to take part in sporting activities.

“I look back on my time at Al-Taqwa with frustration and anger, which is how I felt most of the time while I was working there,” she said in the letter.

“I did my best to stay committed to the students however in the end, I was unable to provide the same opportunities to students that I was given when I was at a primary school, more than 20 years ago.

“It was really shocking to find out it had been cancelled because the excuse girls can’t run,” one student said in her complaint to the principal.

Education minister James Merlino has told 3AW the reports are concerning and the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority is investigating.

“If true these are very concerning reports and I have asked the VRQA to investigate and report back to me,” Mr Merlino has told 3AW on Thursday.

Mr Hallak courted controversy earlier this year when he reportedly told some students IS was backed by western countries as part of a plot to control Middle Eastern oil supplies.

Merlino labelled those comments ‘reckless and dangerous’.

“They’re reckless. They’re dangerous and it leads to confusion in young people … the best way to tackle radicalisation is through education of young people. The worst thing you can do is put reckless and dangerous ideas into their heads,” he told reporters at the time.

Wellthisiswhatithink doesn’t feel the need to comment further: frankly, we are speechless. In pursuit of fairness, we will provide a response from Mr Hallak if one is forthcoming and we are made aware of it.

(Yahoo and 7 News)

  1. Miles says:

    Reminds me of a piece here on NZ TV yesterday about an NZ citizen killed fighting IS: in the TV coverage showing his grieving family the son spoke with a fluent Kiwi accent, but he daughter (of similar age) spoke brokenly with a clear middle Eastern accent. Guess who go to go out of the house and socialise?


  2. Pat A says:

    That was exactly the same kind of tripe that women over here had to fight for years (when they actually got schooling) in Victorian times and later (they were told the same things too – and told the same thing about riding astride a horse, not side-saddle!). In my experience it isn’t the religion that is the problem (look at the Far Right in America – they behave in a similar manner to women) it is the Right Wing nature of their politics which influences their religion.

    I saw a very interesting piece of journalism commenting on a recent scientific discovery – Right Wingers tend to reason with their right amygdala, and the rest of the world with their anterior cingulate cortex. The amygdala has the primitive emotions – panic, fear etc. The anterior cingulate cortex is in the frontal lobes and it helps with analysis, self criticism, and just about anything that makes us intelligent.

    Here is the link to the original video (less than 4 mins long) – it is well worth watching.
    NB for the rest of the world – the Liberals in the UK are left of centre, Conservatives to the right…

    Well, it certainly makes sense here…


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