Massive new oil find in Surrey, England

Posted: April 10, 2015 in Business Management, Political musings
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HorsehillsurreyApparently Obama has just ordered the Sixth Fleet to the English Channel to remove the dictatorial government of the UK with solid proof they have weapons of mass destruction.

The Australian Government are holding their hands up excitedly and jumping up and down at their desks wanting to commit resources to the Coalition attack force.

All joking apart, this is great news for the UK. Read the whole story here:

  1. Pat A says:

    I had to check the date of that article – we all know that there have been oil derricks along the South Coast for some years, but THAT much oil there? It seemed like an April Fools (the amount, not the joke about the 6th Fleet) but apparently not.

    I don’t really feel this is good news, as despite Mr Cameron’s hypocritical remark 5 years ago ‘this will be the Greenest government ever’ – they have been anything but Green and have reduced help to green issues, despite the fact that the rest of the world with sense is investing heavily in Green technology and Green industries – and this discovery will enable the gov’t to give more contracts to their pals and get more money and directorships for politicians who already have too many ties to the oil industry to bother representing their constituents properly. Then there is the subject of oil spills which are bad anywhere, and the South Coast is so beautiful – what about the people who live there, not the rich who could afford to move, but the ordinary people? Then we come to the fact that loads of new oil reserves being exploited means more global warming and climate (and political) chaos…. how could any of that be good news?


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