Britain’s “Leadership Debate” – everything you need to know about who won.

Posted: April 3, 2015 in Political musings
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British leaders debate

Yes, well that’s pretty clear, then.

So seven leaders line up to give the country their vision for the future of the UK. Except that’s the UK without Northern Ireland, who weren’t given a guernsey because – er, well, who knows? Especially as Northern Ireland MPs could very possibly form part of the Government of the country after the May election, propping up a winning – but insufficiently winning – David Cameron.

Anyhow, this debate, and the public reaction to it as measured by innumerable polls, gave almost no insights into any of the leaders or their parties, and showed once more why the Nationalists are now so popular in Wales and Scotland. Their leaders were articulate and focused, and the English were mainly waffly and uninspiring. Cameron and Milliband could be bosom buddies – one could hardly get a sheet of paper between their positions on just about anything, and Clegg was just plain woeful, realising, perhaps belatedly, that he’s leading his party to an historic shellacking that is almost entirely his fault. The Greens were insubstantial and Farage of UKIP was just folksy and occasionally horrid.

In other words, as you were. And we’re heading to the closest election in British political history, with outcomes so multiple and impossible to predict that it is quite fascinating, although also worrying, as a country that has no confidence in its leadership is a country with problems.

Our prediction? Keep your eyes on the blog over the coming weeks, and we will give our fearless before-the-day forecast as always. But not just yet, thank you. One major gaffe either way could tip it. What is sad is that it is very unlikely, on this showing, to be one major burst of innovation and inspiration.

  1. Pat A says:

    Thanks for this Yolly – you have saved me a lot of pain and high blood pressure had I tried to watch it! I didn’t even try as I knew I would get cross with half of them (Cameron, Farage et al) and wish some others had done a lot better (Natalie Bennett, Miliband) – oh they do sound a sorry lot, don’t they. Imagine if political leaders actually INSPIRED their people to do good things – our current crop of politicians sound like a lot of failing double glazing salesmen at a meeting, trying to get ways of maximising their sales without offending people – whilst still getting their own handsome paycheck. SIGH.


  2. Pat A says:

    There is an interesting review here
    which points out that three men went to Oxbridge and three to public schools – whereas the women were more connected to the grass roots activists…


  3. Geoff Knappett says:

    The Telegraph (UK) allows you to match your views with each of the parties.
    Of course it is only as honest as the person that programmed it and it takes no account of the way they would deliver on their policies.
    My result surprised me…


  4. Pat A says:

    There’s also this site on 38 Degrees
    which does the same thing – I wonder if someone did both the Telegraph and 38 Degrees (with a careful note of which answers to which questions) whether it would give the same answers? Wish I had time to do that – does anyone?


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