The White Rose

Sophie Scholl and other members of White Rose

One of the most disturbing, heart-rending and thought-provoking films we have ever seen was “Sophie Scholl – The Final Days”.

The movie covers the efforts of a resistance group fighting the Nazis called “White Rose” Although the White Rose is well known in Germany, it is not well known overseas.

Der Weissen Rose was a group of mostly students at the University of Munich in Bavaria. Some were studying philosophy. Most, but not all, were religious in some way. Some of the boys had done military service but were allowed to do stints at university between stints on the Eastern Front. This experience provided them with more knowledge of what was actually going on than the average person living in Germany at the time, and it appalled them, but in their courageous resistance they still come across as young and somewhat naïve. It is this naivety that has made the White Rose so appealing. They operated from “pure” theological and philosophical intellectual opposition to National Socialism, to fascism, to dictatorship, to the war, and to the slaughter of Europe’s Jews.

To believe that there was very little resistance to Hitler inside Germany is a serious misunderstanding. Resistance to the Nazis began, of course, before they even came to power, and continued during the thirties and throughout the war.

Serving members of White Rose

Serving members of White Rose

Resistance came from political groups of the left, centre and even conservatives, from unions, from churches and religious people, from within the government and branches of the military. Several attempts were made to assassinate Hitler both by groups and individuals. Although it did not succeed in overthrowing Hitler or ending the Nazi tyranny, the resistance did have an impact on the war and the ultimate defeat of the fascist regime. this is a useful reference to the many Germans who opposed Hitler, and many who suffered the ultimate punishment.

Why does it seem otherwise?

Well, the Nazi regime set out systematically and ruthlessly to destroy all opposition. Thousands of the people who would have been part of an even more effective resistance movement fled into exile soon after Hitler came to power.

Many more were perfectly understandably frightened by the danger and sank into silence and inaction.

Sophie Scholl was guillotined, as was her brother, another brother was lost on the Eastern front. In a final meeting, Scholl's father told her he was proud of her and not to regret her sacrifice. She replied that she would see them again in Heaven.

Sophie Scholl was guillotined, as was her brother, another brother was lost on the Eastern front. In a final meeting, Scholl’s father told her he was proud of her and not to regret her sacrifice. She replied that she would see them again in Heaven.

Yet many did not and paid the price. At least 5,000 were executed and many more spent time in prison. Some were simply murdered. Hitler personally ordered a “good number” of guillotines to be built to deal with the opposition.

There was a feeling within Germany that people really shouldn’t undermine the government during wartime

Many ordinary Germans saw members of the resistance as traitors because that was what almost every source of information available to them told them they were.

Unlike in the countries Germany tried to conquer, the resistance had to assume that much of the population actually supported the government and would report their activities from a sense of duty or from totally justified fear, thus making their actions even braver.

Nevertheless, their writings struck a chord with many in the community.


A guillotine found in a Bavarian museum’s storage area is believed to have been used to execute thousands of people during the Nazi era and may well be the device used to execute the Scholls and their friends.

The nations fighting Germany during World War II also decided not to publicise the German resistance to Hitler during or even after the war. The insistence on unconditional surrender and the strategic bombing raids which caused so many civilian casualties made it necessary to see Germany as guilty as an entire nation rather than as itself a victim of Nazi tyranny. The allied armies knew about the resistance and benefited from it but did not want to praise it, at least initially.

MovieSophieSchollSo the story of Sophie Scholl and her family and friends remained almost un-talked about until about the 1970s, when the German community started to discuss the war years more openly, and then again in 2005 when the remarkable film about the events was released.

You may be able to watch the entire film, in its original German, with subtitles, on YouTube or elsewhere if you hunt around.

If you haven’t seen it, we cannot recommend it highly enough – search it out or hire it – but we warn you that it is gut wrenching. Find a couple of hours, pour yourself a strong drink, and watch it.

Those that died deserve to be remembered.

When people discuss the White Rose it has been suggested they were a brave but ineffective resistance movement. That is, in fact, not true. When they were active they caused the regime considerable annoyance. Although many who received the leaflets in the mail handed them in to police, many did not, and the regime had to deal with the fact that those who handed them in may have read them.

Sophie Scholl was an ordinary girl - devoutly Catholic, she fell in love with one of her fellow conspirators, she loved the countryside, she adored her parents. She was very ordinary, just very, very brave.

Sophie Scholl was an ordinary girl – devoutly Catholic, she fell in love with one of her fellow conspirators, she loved the countryside, she adored her parents. She was very ordinary, just very, very brave.

They managed to establish branches in Berlin and particularly Hamburg where sadly many of Hamburg White Rose met the same fate.

The White Rose also had a role in a student uprising in Munich— which was quickly suppressed.

After their execution graffiti appeared on walls in Munich: “Ihr Geist lebt weiter” “Their Spirit Lives On”.

Others carried on the fight. Copies of the leaflets were smuggled out to the Allies and later dropped in their tens of thousands by bombers over German cities.

An example of the leaflets (there were a total of five) is produced below. The courage of young people who could make these arguments against the might of the Nazi Reich simply beggars belief. Especially as they operated in the sure and certain knowledge that one day they must be caught, with their horrifying deaths as the inevitable result.

Many brave people died during the Second World War.

These young Germans were amongst the bravest.


Salus publica suprema lex (Public safety is the supreme law)

All ideal forms of government are Utopias. A state cannot be constructed on a purely theoretical basis; instead, it must grow and develop in the same way an individual human being matures. But we must not forget that at the beginning of every civilization the state already existed in a rudimentary form. The family is as old as man himself, and out of this initial bond man, endowed with reason, created for himself a state founded on justice, whose highest law was the common good. The state should reflect the divine order, and the highest of all utopias, the Civitas dei, is the model it should ultimately resemble. We will not compare the many possible states here—democracy, constitutional monarchy, monarchy, and so on, but one issue needs to be made clear and unambiguous; every human being has the right to a just state, a state that safeguards the freedom of the individual as well as the good of the whole. For according to God’s will, man should be free and independent, while fulfilling his natural duty of living and working together with his fellow citizens, and strive to achieve earthly happiness through self-reliance and self-motivation.

But the present “state” is the dictatorship of evil. “Oh, we’ve known that for a long time,” I hear you object, “and it isn’t necessary to bring that to our attention again.” But, as I ask you, if you know that, why do you not rouse yourselves, why do you allow these men in power to rob you step by step, both openly and in secret, of one of your rights after another, until one day nothing, nothing at all will be left but a mechanized state system presided over by criminals and drunkards? Is your spirit already so crushed by abuse that you forget it is your right—or rather, your moral duty—to eradicate this system? But if a man can no longer summon the strength to demand his right, then he will definitely perish. We would deservedly be scattered over the earth like dust in the wind if we do not marshal our powers at this late hour and finally find the courage we have lacked up to now. Do not hide your cowardice behind a cloak of expedience, for with every new day that you hesitate, failing to oppose this offspringof Hell, your guilt, like a parabolic curve, grows higher and higher.

Many, perhaps most, of the readers of these leaflets cannot see clearly how they can mount an effective opposition. They cannot see any avenues open to them. We want to try to show them that everyone is in a position to contribute to the overthrow of this system. Solitary withdrawal, like embittered hermits, cannot prepare the ground for the overthrow of this “government” or bring about the revolution at the earliest possible moment. No, it can only be done through the cooperation of many convinced energetic people—people who agree on the means they must use to attain their goal. We have few choices as to these means. The only one available is passive resistance. The meaning and the goal of passive resistance is to bring down National Socialism, and in this struggle we can’t shrink from any means, any act, wherever it is open to attack. We must bring this monster of a state to an end soon. A victory for fascist Germany in this war would have inconceivable and terrible consequences. The first concern of every German is not the military victory of Bolshevism, but the defeat of National Socialism. This must be the first order of business; its greater imperative will be discussed in one of our forthcoming leaflets.

And now every resolute opponent of National Socialism must ask himself how he can most effectively fight against the present “state”, how he can inflict the most damaging blows. Through passive resistance, without a doubt. We can provide each man with a blueprint for his acts; we can only make general suggestions, and he alone will find the best way to achieve them.

Sabotage armament industries, sabotage every assembly, rally, ceremony, and organisation sponsored by the National Socialist Party. Obstruct the smooth functioning of the war machine (a machine designed for war that is then used solely to shore up and perpetuate the National Socialist Party and its dictatorship.) Sabotage in every scientific and intellectual field involved in continuing this war—whether it be universities, technical colleges, laboratories, research stations, or technical agencies. Sabotage all cultural institutions that could enhance the “prestige” of the fascists among he people. Sabotage all branches of the arts that have even the slightest dependence on National Socialism or serve it in any way. Sabotage all publications, all newspapers, that are in the pay of the “government” and that defend its ideology and help disseminate the brown lie. Do not give a penny to public fund-raising drives (even when they are conducted under the guise of charity), for this is only a cover. In reality the proceeds help neither the Red Cross nor the needy. The government does not need this money; it is not financially interested in these fund-raising drives. After all, the presses run nonstop, printing as much paper currency as is needed. But the people must never be allowed to slacken! Do not contribute to the collection of metal, textiles and the like. Try to convince all your acquaintances, including those in the lower social classes, of the senselessness of continuing, of the hopelessness of this war; of our spiritual and economic enslavement at the hands of the National Socialists, of the destruction of all moral and religious values; and urge them to adopt passive resistance.

Aristotle, Politics: “Further….[a tyrant] should also endeavor to know what each of his subjects says, or does, and should employ spies everywhere…and further, to create disunity and division in the population: to set friend against friend, the common people against the notables, and the wealthy among themselves. Also he should impoverish his subjects; the maintenance of guards and soldiers is thus paid for by the people, who are forced to work hard and have neither the time nor the opportunity to conspire against him…Another practice of tyrants is to increase taxes, after the manner of Dionysius at Syracuse, who contrived that his subjects paid all their wealth into the treasury within five years. The tyrant is also inclined to engage in constant warfare in order to occupy and distract his subjects.

Please make as many copies of this leaflet as possible and pass them on!

  1. A good write up here. And it is indeed a remarkable film. What strikes me of importance is that it is a German movie. Most movies about WWII has been made by other countries (as far as my knowledge reaches) and I think this movie and Der Untergang was an important step that Germany got to put their own voice to what happened. It is what made those two movies, besides they are incredibly well made, even stronger to me because they were German. As a deep collective wound beginning slowly to heal further…

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    • Thank you Hanne … last night I watched “Judgement at Nuremberg” with Spencer Tracy – another magnificent movie from a different era – which although an American film was also fascinating in the way it unpicked responsibility for the Nazi atrocities and laid it at the feet of all those who co-operated, whether enthusiastically or not. It contains some of the finest writing about the morality of government behaviour ever heard in popular culture. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it.

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    • Robert Ehlenfeldt says:

      Study of the Holocaust is a mandatory subject in German schools today. Germany has accepted responsibility for its behavior and wants to make certain it is never repeated.

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  2. Pat A says:

    God bless Sophie Scholl and all the members of the white rose. I knew of them but had never read a pamphlet of theirs before (I hope the rhetoric was on the back and an eyecatching slogan on the front).

    This echoes to the present day it seems “But, as I ask you, if you know that, why do you not rouse yourselves, why do you allow these men in power to rob you step by step, both openly and in secret, of one of your rights after another, until one day nothing, nothing at all will be left but a mechanized state system presided over by criminals and drunkards? ”

    This seems particularly true in America, and also in our countries. As great leaders of the past have opined – government is always in a state of tension between security and freedom – and we must not lose our freedoms or we will discover we have been covertly enslaved.


  3. underwriiter505 says:

    And in the United States today I see whistleblowers going to prison who should be getting ticker-tape parades. I see people who have done nothing to deserve it taking multiple bullets from police officers. I see two legislative houses dominated by people who are true believers of things the American people as a whole oppose. I do not want to trivialize the horror of the Third Reich. We are not there and are far enough away that the progress toward “there” can still be stopped. Provided too many people do not continue to pretend it isn’t happening.

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    • The question, I guess, is whether all Western societies are on a slippery slope where compassion and tolerance is being sacrificed in a race for “security”, and how thoroughgoing that sacrifice will be. I am convinced that electronic surveillance is reaching epidemic proportions, and that any concept of “privacy” is now outdated. Where that slippery slope will end, Lord only knows. Fed with bread and circuses, the general public hardly seem to care.

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    • As an immigrant, I am far less swayed by domestic propaganda than born Americans.

      You are entirely incorrect, because you have been brainwashed by that machine. The National Socialists, who claimed falsely to be for the Workers, lost the election.

      It was your party (Truman) who involved the US in WWI by providing war materials to the allies, then involving itself in a war in Europe that set the infrastructure in place for the Nazi rise that my family had to fight. Not learning from this, FDR sent war materials protected by warships that fired on German raiders in the leadup to WWII. He also endorsed eugenics and racism, and ran concentration camps–something only your party has done. He created the massive police state to spy on US citizens, which we are still fighting today.

      His successor, Truman, a Democrat, started US involvement in Korea and sent the first financial aid to Vietnam.

      FDR sent the first combat troops to Vietnam, and LBJ sent tens of thousands more. And all of this was done with majority-Democrat Congresses.

      The troops came home under Nixon, a Republican, yet your brainwashed party blames that party for the war it started and funded.

      Your party created and promoted the Klan, and re-elected one of its leaders (Byrd) for life, extolling his respect for civil rights, while he voted against every single black candidate for the judiciary, even if endorsed by his party.

      You created the myth that the parties magically “switched sides” at some point, yet cannot define that point, even as Clinton blew up aspirin factories to distract from his affairs, and started US involvement in the Balkans…which continues.

      The racism, the wars, the concentration camps, the police state. Those are your doing, my friend. You and those like you voted for those, insisting it was all for “peace” and “freedom,” while feeding the beast.

      Most recently, your chosen president then started additional wars in the Middle East, with drone strikes on civilian targets, secret watch lists and classified evidence for trials, and those whistleblowers you mentioned.

      Your chosen candidate desperately tried to provoke a war with Russia, for no relevant reason whatsoever.

      But the people who beat her seem “suspiciously” like Nazis to you…

      …based on what?

      Certainly it’s a flawed administration, and it may turn out to be a poor administration.

      But you can provide nothing to suggest it is in any way national socialist, because it is not, and the only reason you believe so is because the lie has been repeated often enough.

      A classic National Socialist propaganda trick.

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      • My second “FDR” should be “JFK.” My error.


        • Robert VanSickle says:

          Large political groups don’t “turn on a dime” so shouldn’t be restricted to a Single point of pivot. Strom Thurmond’s bolt from Democrat to Republican in 1965 during LBJ’s Civil Rights legislative fight was one definitive manifestation. Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” in 68 was another, and more noticeable movement in that direction. The inclusion of even more evangelicals by Reagan and the addition of many Catholics to the religious right as the religion/business/political-leaders switched their rallying cry from “save segregation” to “save the babies” continued the trend.
          I’m not upset if the hornswogglers that won the election don’t fit exactly the decades old definition of Nazism you refer to. Times change: details change: Labels change. But these guys are liars, gaslighters, power-hungry, greedy and in many cases just plain mean. And their lies ARE outstanding enough to be ranked right up there with the “Big Lies” of He Who Must Not Be Named. “Birtherism” was never anything OTHER than a dark lie that called upon the undercurrent of latent racism in this country. “The Wall” was from the start not much more than a Cartoon Solution, and if it IS built it will be not much more than a White Elephant, irony intended. “Millions of fraudulent voters” is a convenient delusion, but not a Small one. “Tremendous” “Landslide” or even “substantial” are NOT adjectives which correctly describe the 2016 election. Trump’s margin of victory by Electoral Vote Percentage was in the BOTTOM quarter of all US Presidential elections.
          Your oh-too-cute attempt to switch the labels in your last two sentences tells me you’re much more interested in denigrating the Democrats than shedding light on the actual problem. **
          Who can say today that an argument 70 years from now might not hinge on whether or not the next group of rapacious non-statesmen do or do not exactly mimic Trumpism?
          ** I only addressed the inaccuracy in paragraph 8. I think your paragraph 3 is meant to reference Wilson, not Truman. Paragraph 6 might be improved if you mentioned that Nixon & Kissinger, as private citizens, not US officials [and in secret –behind the scenes] interfered with impending peace talks in 1968 in order to prolong the war long enough to use it as an effective issue against the Democrats in that 68 election.
          I hadn’t read your entire statement closely when I responded. If I had, I wouldn’t have bothered.
          Few people say it IS National Socialism. [and I certainly don’t] They just say similar tactics were used: Telling Lies, Sowing Fear. Promising the Impossible. Discrediting the Free Press;


      • Jean Clink says:

        Well done, michaelzwillliamson. As an American who is well aware of the Democrats’ awful dealings over the decades, and more particularly since Donald Trump’s election, it is more like they are the ‘Hitler’ and the American people are ‘the Jews’.

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      • Robin Tolleson says:

        As a born American, and a “yellow dog” democrat I have learned to avoid overly simplistic and one sided arguments. My reaction to the above post is that is it both of the above, simplistic and one sided. Gross statements about large groups such as are used in the above post (“born Americans”, “your party”) are also very dangerous. That is how raclsm and all the other “isms” start. To make an effective argument I believe it is important to remain balanced and broad minded. One must look at all sides of the issue, unlike what was just said. It is especially important to do this on such volatile issues. I am so very happy to hear about this film and the growth and healing happening in Germany. It is also extremely important here in America to remember the lessons of the past that were learned on a global level and be able to apply that knowledge to the events of today in our own country. I close saying I hope that we can all remain as engaged in our own countries as the White Rose was in theirs. What an amazing example they have set for us all.


    • Robert says:

      We took steps that direction last election, the national socialist lost. It remains to be seen if the current administration can reverse the trend with the deeply rooted entrenched bureaucracy. But the socialists are still trying to shut down the voices of dissent, by intimidation and violence.

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      • Chip Sahoi says:

        My word… what a completely ignorant reply. You have no knowledge of history whatsoever. Sure NAZI stand for National Socialist, but they were not Socialists. They are the far right! In fact one the first groups targeted by the NAZI’s were the very social-leaning adherents of the society represented by the Weimar Republic: academics, artists, ethnic and religious minority groups, etc, etc. The same group of people that the modern Republican disdains. In point of fact NAZI’s were the analog to the Trump supporter: upset half-witted white, christian uneducated societal toss-aways who felt disregarded by the advances and changes within German society: its advances in art culture and science. They, like the Trump supporter fell for the populist promises and promised denigration of those “nasty others” Jews, academics, artists, etc who were cited a the cause of Germany’s loss of prestige and power. One can draw a direct parallel from Trump’s rhetoric to Hitler (or any fascist) and from Trump supports to NAZI sympathizers (any Fascists who have supported Facsist populist leaders). Hindenburg and other conservatives and industry tycoons believed that they could control Hitler and use his and appeal to this violent and easily mislead right leaning supporters for their own gain. In nearly an identical manner that the Republican Congress and corporate America (Putin for that matter) use Trump though he carries a minority of support. You see… You are the analog of NAZI. You are the analog of the Fascist. In the hopeless idiocy that plagues the right and especially Trump supporters, you have the scenario reversed. It’s not rhetoric. It is demonstrable.

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  4. Fred Vincent says:

    Many thanks for this post, Stephen. Several years the drama group in our church performed The White Rose and it was very powerful. Albeit fictional, Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada, provides an unforgettable insight into the Nazi ‘system’ and the courage of those who challenged it from within.


  5. Thank you for information about the White Rose!
    I will join the commentators who point out the parallels between Nazi Germany and current events. Unfortunately, I have noticed tyrant’s, as per Aristotel, policies in Russia: division of society, creating fictional groups and countries, limiting economic development, and yes, warfare to distract people from falling economy and growing authoritarianism. Sadly, warfare means attacking Ukraine.


    • I agree that the slide towards tyranny is gathering pace. And it is very clear in Russia, which has completely failed to transition to any meaningful form of democracy, and is indeed, now moving in the other direction, with a very worrying growth in nationalism accompanying it. Democracy is a fragile flower. It is trying to bloom in the Ukraine, which is why Russia is trying to stamp it out. Strategically, of course, Russia, as always, wants access to the Black Sea.


  6. It says she was motivated by Blessed John Henry Newman and the Bishop of Munster, but she was not a Catholic. She was Lutheran.


  7. Kiron Reid says:

    It’s good that you remind people about the White Rose movement and their bravery. I saw an excellent lecture on Sophie Scholl by Frank McDonough at Liverpool John Moores University a couple of years ago. I’d met McDonough in a pub with some Law lecturer mates, and he started talking about the Nazis. Usually a bad sign but in this case he is an expert on the period.
    The lecture is an hour long but some viewers might be interested.


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  9. Jack says:

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    We should all have the courage to resist any tyranny and death cult we encounter.


  10. It is interesting that the left fought Hitler. The main reason the left fought was because they were fighting over the ability to control the population not that they differed much in ideology from Hitler. Remember NAZIs were socialists. Socialism is just another failed experiment of the left meaning slow death. The left in America loved Hitler and ignored the rumors of mass killings just like we currently ignore the failings of Obama and Hillary. Of course the left here wised up once the war started. Anyways it looked like the author of this article needed a bit of help to get the history right.

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    • What a load of nonsense Frank … These young people were not “left” they were anti-fascist Christian activists. Trying to link together Obama, Clinton and Nazis/left is just bizarre. Please feel free to not bother visiting my blog with your nutty comments again.


  11. william carlisle says:

    I have read a lot about wwll but have never heard about these brave people .they must have been so so brave when the course of the war was going the way it was in the early days .to even do something in wot must have been a dreadfull state .they deserve a statue or monument to them in hamberg ect .my god care for them .god bless these brave heros of decentcy and goodness .how brave they where .the world must be better informed of these heros we owe them everything .


  12. Pat A says:

    Your comment to Frank Griffin was very moderate Yolly – how anyone can conflate those people is a mystery! Also anyone who believes that the name of a political party is the same as the actions of that party is deeply, deeply misguided. Political parties (such as the ‘National Socialists’ and many others) often name themselves with an optimistic name to delude the unwary, and then perform actions that are the opposite of their name.

    To see what a political party’s politics actually are – look at what they did, not what they called themselves. The Nazis were not in any way shape or form socialists, they were fascists, tyrants, murderers and torturers.

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  13. NikArt says:

    Facts: Alltogether there were (not 5 but) 6 leaflets. But only the first four (4) of them were named “Weisse Rose”. These four were written and disseminated by only two activists, actually the driving motor of the “White Rose” – Alexander Schmorell and Hans Scholl. Sophie Scholl didn’t know anything about it at that time. Later – after Alexander Schmorell and Hans Scholl returned from the front in Russia (see photograph above) the initiative of the two widened, even including a professor of philosophy in the Munich Ludwig-Maximilian University. But the further two leaflets did not refer to the “White Rose” any more.
    The name of “White Rose” stems from Dostoyevski’s “Brothers Karamazov” – see Legend of the Great Inquisitor – aiming at the theme of Resurrection.The faith of Alerxander Schmorell was Russian-Orthodox.
    This is what Alexander Schmorell believed in: Christ’s resurrection from the dead, and the resurrection of all in Christ. He confessed his belief to his death. Before his beheading by guillotine he wrote letters witnessing his belief in Christ.
    There are books in German and Russian about this story. See:
    Alexander Schmorell was inscribed in his parish in Munich even 10 years old (Archive!). He attended services regularly, confession and Holy Communion was well known to him. He always carried his Prayer Book with him (witnesses). His questioning by GESTAPO was published in German with Russian translation (original copies in German – including all 6 leaflets of the resistance group – with parallel Russian, see second edition: all this being done in Orenburg/Russia, the place of birth of Alexander Schmorell).
    In February 2012 Alexander Schmorell was proclaimed a Christian holy martyr (witness of Christ) by the Russian Church Abroad.
    It is a tremendous story with implications for today, that’s true – but not one-sided!


  14. ggellenoncourt says:

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    La rose Blanche ; L’Allemagne a aussi eu ses résistants.


  15. Re-blogged & posted on Facebook with the Leaflet high-lighted.


  16. Deborah Royal says:

    I learned about the White Rose and the students who resisted and paid with their lives when I visited Munich the first time. I hold them in high regard. I looked for a reference to them on the wall of resistors in the Holocaust Museum in WA DC. Both experiences were very moving. Thank you for this blog post. Very well done.


  17. […] They were guillotined 72 years ago today. And they deserve remembering. […]


  18. Chris Gingell says:

    What a powerful message for today’s world, from these haunting and sadly forgotten voices.


  19. Martha Clayton Cottrell MD says:

    Having lived through those years I can appreciate so much this revaluation. My experience causes me much concern over what is happening in America today. I pray people will wake up, resist and overthrow this dangerous and distructive regime!


  20. Jean Clink says:

    When I click on ‘like’, a pop-up window asks me to log in although I am logged in with my facebook account. If I click on ‘register’, a window pops up to help me make a word press page. I simply want to say ‘like’ to some of these comments.


  21. I had heard of the White Rose before and was familiar with the story. But I had never read one of their pamphlets before. Thanks for including it. It was a thrilling read. That these students could write and disseminate this in the middle of Nazi Germany is truly heroic.


  22. Esther Victoria Czernikowski says:

    No fue Hitler. No es Trump… y sigue la lista. Son los grandes capitales, los que están detras de estos grandes pequeños titeres, payasos obscenos de la historia.


  23. Heike Fabig says:

    Good piece – but check your German. It is “Die weiße Rose” (not “der Weissen Rose” which would translate as “belonging to the white rose). And the graffiti would have read: “Ihr Geist lebt weiter” (not weiter”) .


  24. Klas D. Romberg says:

    Gut wrenching…


  25. TimsFD says:

    Great!, another comment section that devolves into “muh.. liberals”, “nazis were leftists” “Obama is Hitler”. If you wanna believe this, fine. But these were brave young people that gave their lives for what was morally right while other Germans watched their neighbours get tortured to death. I’m at the age when they died and can’t imagine making such sacrifice cause I’m selfish with my time and life. They should be celebrated and their story never forgotten. This isn’t about any ideology, this is when Human beings stand for what is right. Thanks for the Read.


  26. dorothyanneb says:

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    worth remembering


  27. […] Source: They were guillotined 72 years ago today. And they deserve remembering. […]


  28. Tom ramsay says:

    We need to know stories like these to honour those who fought against totalitarianism. They are brilliant examples of courage.


  29. Pat says:

    Re Robert Ehlenfeldt’s comment – “Study of the Holocaust is a mandatory subject in German schools today. Germany has accepted responsibility for its behavior and wants to make certain it is never repeated”.

    I knew this and feel that that is admirable – to admit to the faults of the past is something every country has trouble with – except Germany! We are told that Japan has not made a similar effort to admit its faults and crimes in the past but has just swept them under the carpet – which must be an awful shock to ordinary Japanese when they encounter the truth, as they are kept ignorant of what their past leaders encouraged and the cruelties they promoted.

    Now we just have the problem of how to deal with the growth of fascism and racism and hatred in our own streets – people listening to the lies of demagogues and hate mongers in every country.


    • Stephen Yolland says:

      Well luckily Pat it seems the hate mongers have come a cropper in Holland. Meanwhile, yes, Japan is still in denial.


  30. Pat says:

    Thanks for the news about Holland Yolly – I hadn’t dared look it up yet, but I have now and am SOOO relieved! The so called ‘Freedom Party’ of Geert Wilders had 20 out of 150 seats – phew. God bless the Dutch!


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  32. Bharat Sihag says:

    Very informative, educative, a deep analysis of the political scenario during the NAZI RULE in GERMANY under HITLER. The present political situation in India makes the article more important as the present regime seems to be adopting the same methodology which was exercised by the fascist rule in Germany.


  33. […] via They were guillotined 75 years ago today. And they deserve remembering. […]


  34. Ricarda says:

    Really lovely blog. One suggestion – correct the spelling from ‘Der Weissen Rose’ to ‘Die Weiße Rose’. Great writing making a group of very courageous resistance fighters better known to the wider world. Thank you!


  35. Lloyd says:

    I came across this website by accident and am certainly glad I found it! Even after studying WWII for 40 years, I never knew about this group, and was always bothered by a seeming lack of attention given to resistance to the Nazis within Germany. This story is astonishing and I am so glad you shared it.


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