je suis


No further blogs will be posted today as an act of respect for those murdered in Paris.

  1. gwpj says:

    Shared. Thank you for posting this.


  2. Simon says:

    Yolly as a mark of respect today we ALL SHOULD be blogging in celebration of those free spirits murdered in Paris….we should speak up and demand that freedom is safeguarded in all democratic countries…


  3. Pat A says:

    There is an organisation in the UK which is fighting the hatred being encouraged mainly by the right wingers – called ‘Hope Not Hate’, and I have just posted this there….

    “I agree with your open letter completely Nick, and we now need all of us to quietly and calmly stand up for our beliefs – for tolerance – at every opportunity.

    “This is a vital moment in history, where we must all exert our powers of persuasion to the utmost to try to stop violent over-reaction to this horror, or things could get so much worse for everyone.

    “The people who committed the atrocious murders in Paris would have wanted an over-reaction on the part of the governments of the West and of their populations – they WANT extremism, they want martyrs – that will produce more people for their side filled with hatred and cruelty. We must not play into their hands.”


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