The stark truth about ‘Islamic’ terrorism – it’s actually not about us.

Posted: December 17, 2014 in Political musings
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One of the startling thing about Western responses to current Islamic extremism is how it misunderstands the essential thrust of the problem.

We in the West are mesmerised by the ranting of so-called Islamic leaders against “the Great Satan” and threats to extend their rule over all the world.

In fact, nothing of the sort is happening. What is really happening throughout the Middle East and elsewhere is a sectarian conflict between Muslims and between ethnic groups who also happen to be Muslim.

As we mourn two dead hostages in Sydney, so Pakistan now mourns an infinitely more horrible attack from the Taliban from the tribal areas of its own country. As AFP and Yahoo report, a teenage survivor of a Taliban attack on a Pakistan school has described how he played dead after being shot in both legs by insurgents hunting down students to kill.

  1. Peter Morley says:

    Extreme Islamic terrorism is only part of the problem Yolly. The real problem, far greater than acts of terrorism, is the demographics pertaining to the gradual increase in the Muslim population of Western countries-democracies. For instance, England is rooted-forever-there’s no return. Would you like to come for a stroll through East London with me? Or perhaps we’ll both pop over to France and go for a holiday in Marseilles? Did you know that the socialist government in France only got in because of the immigrant vote?

    Gaddafi got it right when he said the next war won’t be fought with guns. We’ll just outbreed them (or words to that effect). That’s the problem. People our age can grin and bear it and pretend that it’s not such a problem, and in Australia right now, it isn’t. We’re allright mate. But for our kids and their kids, your kids and your grandchildren, it will be a problem. Not a racist problem, or a religious problem, but a way of life problem.

    Interestingly in a suburb of Perth last week, Greenwood, just near where I grew up, the Christmas concert has been shelved. Banned forever-the school Principal saying that there are now too many non Christian children in the school. So, imagine how you’d feel if you were to go along to your grandkids school Christmas concert to hear them sing Away In A Manger, but it was replaced by something else. And slowly-it spreads……

    Now, if we all got on together like the great big melting pot song then that’s fine. It’d be great. Don’t care where you come from, we’re all equal and we all respect each other. You beauty. That’s what I want to see. So whilst I’ve got the right attitude, I’m also a realist and I can see what’s going on. The reality is that the white anglo saxon person is being rapidly out bred and exponential growth is starting to kick in. England is finding it out, Belgium, France, the list goes on. Scandinavian countries have now started doing something about it. Not so many Muslims in Japan nowadays I hear though. Wonder why that is?



    • Pete, I live next to a Muslim family. They have more kids than me. They are Westernised, he’s a copper, they are charming, polite and caring neighbours. Now multiply that a million or so, and where’s the issue?

      The problem with immigration (wherever it is) is that we allow the participants to become ghettoised at our peril.

      That’s what has happened in France, where the Muslim population barely participates in economic activity. I walked through the backstreets of a town near Marseilles very recently. It did not feel safe, I grant you.

      I also agree that there are major demographic shifts in the world and we are not, at this stage, winning the battle for hearts and minds.

      As for no Xmas carols at a school, that is simply ludicrous. The head should be sacked. We should be celebrating a variety of religious and cultural experiences, of which carols and Christmas are just one.

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  2. underwriiter505 says:

    I am so much more scared of white “evangelical” fundamentalist “Christians” who are in love with their guns than I am of Muslims that it is almost pathetic. I do feel deeply for the people of Peshawar and all regions living in sectarian strife. My experience is that everyone is much more likely to be stabbed in the back by a neighbor than by some stranger from across the world.

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  3. Pat A says:

    Yolly, I agree with you and with underwriter505 – these are both manifestations of the Far Right intolerance which seems to be taking hold of our world, and it uses whatever it can as a ‘mask of righteousness’ to hide behind – whether extreme religious intolerance (Muslim extremism or the Far Right ‘Christians’ in America) or politics – the rise of the Fascist parties all over Europe. I am afraid that the whole world is about to descend into a horrid maelstrom of terrorist violence which is only going to be equaled (if not excelled) by governments trying to protect themselves (and sometimes their citizens) if we do not speak out and remind them of wise words in the past – such as ‘the man who would choose security over freedom deserves neither’ – Thomas Jefferson.

    I do think that a person calling on the name of God (using whatever religion as a front) then murdering innocent teachers and children is evil personified – and I am sorry to say that I think those monsters are already in Hell (I don’t know where Hell is, but nothing good could be there). I saw on the BBC news last night that a ‘spokesman’ had said that their ‘fighters’ had been told not to kill children – unmitigated liar!

    It seems to me that now is the time for all the moderates of the world to gather our courage and always at all times and in all places stand up for moderation and tolerance and generosity and kindness – because if we don’t things are going to get so, SO much worse! I thought this before yesterday’s murderous horrors, and think it still – if we, the moderate (sometimes sheep-like in our moderateness – we don’t like tend to like rows or aggression) don’t speak up for fear of vile things happening to us, they are going to happen anyway!

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  4. Paul says:

    Much as I agree with your sentiment Steve I have to point out that the separitist tendencies of the muslim communities in England is widespread and generally they do not mix. I’m sure I could find the odd asian copper or soldier but they are few and far between. Finally the political leaders are having to face up the immigration problem and it is hoped that an adult debate can ensue before it’s too late. Australia certainly gives the impression that it’s a forward thinking multicultural society but a good ‘level headed’ friend of mine in Sydney informs me that it is very ghettoised. Is there any truth in this?


    • Paul, Sydney is more so than the rest of the country, yes. Large areas have become “middle eastern ghettos” and this is causing a problem. That said, in general there is much more widely spread wealth in Australia than almost anywhere, and the majority of people are in work, law abiding, and just want to “get on”.

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  5. gwpj says:

    Immigration is a world wide phenomena, has been for years, and is very likely to continue for years. This makes people uncomfortable. Originally from Seattle, Washington, the area had large immigrant communities from all over the world, including the Middle East, Japan, China, just about every country there is, with huge populations from Latin America. As I see it, none of our countries, including Japan where I now live, will look like they once did. England, France, Japan, Australia — you name it, and each one will be different, some of them vastly different. The US will no longer be a white majority nation; England will not be “English” in the traditional sense, and on and on and on. This is inevitable, has been going on from the beginning of history, and will continue to happen. So, i say we’d best accept it, learn to live with our new neighbors, and leave it at that. Might as well, eh, as none of us has any control over what the future is going to look like. 🙂


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