Jenie Yolland glass art table centrepiece

Everyone always loves them – do you want one for YOUR table centrepiece this Christmas?


We provide a link below to a fascinating article by Mrs Wellthisiswhatithink explaining how she makes her magnificent gum-leaf cheese boards. People simply love them, she can never make enough – they also look sensational with cold meats and shellfish at Christmastime.

Don’t wait till mid-December to order them, they take a lot of work and they ALWAYS sell out 🙂 You can ring Mrs W direct in Australia on 0409 89 99 00. Note: they must be picked up from her studio in Richmond, Melbourne, it’s just not practical to ship them anywhere, although smaller versions can possibly be shipped interstate and overseas. Click the link now!

Cheese anyone?

Plus: you can checkout more of her work here: or if you’re around Melbourne this weekend (Sat 4th October) just come along to lovely Warrandyte market in Stiggants Reserve by the Yarra River and have a browse.

Current weather forecast is 25 and mostly sunny. Yay!

What do YOU think? That's what matters. Please comment!

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