Freed from death row after 30 years – innocent victims of “the system”.

Posted: September 4, 2014 in Political musings

executionSurely the strongest argument against the death penalty is the number of times more modern investigation techniques – or simply  more aware and less biased – investigation techniques reveal innocent victims – for they are victims, too – who have spent half a lifetime locked up for a crime they never committed.

It is simply never worth risking executing innocent people – an irreversible step, of course – in order to exercise revenge against theoretically more “proven” killers, when the burden of proof can often rarely be high enough to absolutely ensure a miscarriage of justice cannot take place.

How many of these people would have been murdered by the State were it not for advances in DNA and for the efforts of the legions of anti-death penalty advocates, lawyers and campaigners worldwide just beggars belief. How many innocent people have been executed is less clear, although one we are certain of was Troy Davis.

This story makes the case better than a hundred leaflets. The state was sure these men were guilty. They coerced confessions from young men of weak IQs. This HAS to stop. An immediate moratorium on all death penalty executions should apply everywhere in the world, and especially in America, a country we hold to a higher standard than some.

The Death Penalty Information Centre website in the United States should be required reading for any resident of that nation who cares about what is done in their name, and anyone, indeed, anywhere, who is uncomfortable with death sentences.

  1. gwpj says:

    Amen, Yolly! I’ve been against capital punishment for decades. Never have seen the sense in it, especially when innocent people are convicted and sometimes executed, their innocence declared after the fact. Capital punishment has no place as part of a civilized nation’s legal system.


  2. I have always been anti death penalty because humanity is fallible so mistakes can be made.I have been writing to a death row inmate in Florida for several years now. Keeping people waiting for years is inhumane no matter what they may or may not have done. Execution does not resurrect murder victims and its state sponsored murder. how can killing to show killing is wrong work?


    • I agree with you totally Juliet, and I applaud you for your efforts with the person in Florida. Working with convinced criminals to support them and try to rehabilitate them, let alone campaigning for people you believe to be innocent, is very important work.


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