Stephen Yolland is a Melbourne poet and author/editor of Wellthisiswhatithink. You can find his book of poetry here. The book is also available as a download from

He would appreciate it if you could share this poem by linking to this blog post in any way you can.

  1. underwriiter505 says:

    We haven’t seen you this angry in a while. Totally justified and very effective.


  2. gwpj says:

    Thank you, Yolly. I am with you; I am tired of the bullshit and lack of action while the children die and PM Netanyahu continues his role as Adolf Hitler murdering those he thinks unsuitable for life. That said, I have shared this with everyone I know.


    • I am being very careful not to pick sides in the piece, though, George. I am well aware of your scepticism about Israel’s motives, and I do not seek to be relativist about apportioning blame for the current debacle, but the leadership of both parties have failed their people. A rocket killing or maiming an Israeli child, fired indiscriminately, is just as wicked as a tank round hitting a UN school. The big politics can wait: nothing – nothing – justifies slaughtering children. The Israelis have done plenty of it, but so too have Hamas and others. I am not picking sides. I am on the side of the children.


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