New anti-cyberbullying campaign launches.

Posted: June 16, 2014 in Popular Culture et al
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cyber bullyingWe are a big fan of this innovative and effective little TV spot, and not least because it was written and directed by an esteemed colleague.

It’s also emphatic evidence that a big idea trumps a big budget every time.

Sometimes a really strong idea can be produced for peanuts and still go on to change the world – commercially, or socially. This is one such ad.

We’d love you, Dear Reader, to spread its message widely.

Now it’s going to get a run on Channels 1, 10, 7 and 11 on Aussie TV, which is just a great result. You can read the story of the genesis of the campaign here.

Not all ad men are wankers. Well done, Pat.

  1. gwpj says:

    Watched and shared on Twitter, Facebook, G+ and Stumbleupon.


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