A Texan blogger nails it: Pro-gun laws are essentially racist.

Posted: June 3, 2014 in Political musings, Popular Culture et al
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blackLarge numbers of African Americans
gathered together with handguns, shotguns
or maybe semi-black2automatic weapons on your street corner.

How about a bunch of Muslims, say in full Arabic cultural dress and regalia, outside your local Church?

At your local kids’ football game?

Perhaps your favourite local restaurant?

Is that something all you pro-gun people would feel comfortable about?

Or is the right to bear arms limited to whites? This is the question the NRA and pro-gun people consistently duck, and should be called to task over. Only takes five minutes to read this article: click it now.


Strongly recommended. Debate welcome.

  1. James Mahoney says:

    This is not a pro- or anti-gun comment, but rather a neutral observation that Allen Clifton’s argument that pro-gun laws are essentially racist is specious.

    Delete the adjective describing the race or ethnicity of groups of “100 or so” armed people standing by various roads, and the question remains the same: Would you feel threatened? The answer also remains the same: Of course, at least initially.

    In such a scenario, it doesn’t really matter much whether the group is carrying firearms, sticks, stones, knives, or anything else. If you come across “100 or so” armed people gathered on the roadside, even a fool’s fight-or-flight mechanism would kick in. If the dominant race, apparent ethnicity, or apparent religion of the group differs from one’s own, then that would obviously factor into the rapid threat-assessment that any of us would go through.

    To me, it’s a leap of illogic to conclude that pro-gun laws are racist based on Clifton’s red-herring argument.


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