Advertising lessons 101

Posted: March 30, 2014 in Business Management, Popular Culture et al
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One: do not put your ads where people can reach them.

Two: Never underestimate the genius of the common man.


  1. Richard Taylor says:

    I love it! Lesson for us all.


  2. Susan Mansi says:

    ‘Never underestimate the genius of the common man.’ is an excellent line, thank you.


  3. Bill O says:

    Three: Never bury your real message (In this case, “Learn the preventative medical tests you need.”)

    Four: Never bury your call to action (in this case, “Visit”)

    Five: Never stubbornly stick with a headline you insist is creative if it doesn’t really get the job done.


  4. Bill O says:

    Six: Always proofread your own comments before posting so you don’t type “preventative” instead of “preventive” while smugly giving advice to others.


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