We pick this season’s must-see movies

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Popular Culture et al

At the Wellthisiswhatithink desk, we have something of a rep for picking cultural winners. After one hearing of “Roxanne” by the Police we opined, for example, that they would be the next UberBand. And yes, we are that old.

"Iconic" is one gushing review.

“Iconic” is one gushing review.

Two new movies – both character driven, both with moderate production budgets, and utterly different from each other – are our picks for the standout/breakout movies of the coming season.

One is a weird sci-fi miasma of dark images and mind-bending plotline called “Under the Skin”.

It stars Scarlett Johannson as an alien whose kiss is definitely deadly as she makes her way across Scotland.

Critics are already raving about Johannson’s performance.

The other is a loopy, peculiar comedy-noir called The Double, starring the ever-inventive and watchable jesse Eisenberg, which also stars the ineffable lovely and talented Mia from Sydney and a great supporting cast. For real big-up points in the pub trivia competition, it is very loosely based on a novella by Dostoevsky. You heard it here first.

Whilst teaser trailers are available on YouTube, Yahoo have acquired the first long trailer which gives you a better taste. You can read their story and watch the trailer here.


Why are we so convinced these movies will succeed? Because they’re great stories.

We believe audiences are hanging out for stories that are not formulaic, which are deeply engaging, and which encourage them to think rather than merely escape into an experience.

99% of Hollywood producers will ignore that advice, of course, and prefer to fall back on tried and tested blockbusters, parts 2 to infinity of previous successes, or action schlock. But a few will listen, and we believe the success of these films will encourage them.

What’s the most interesting movie you’ve seen? For sheer fascination and acting brilliance we would pick Being John Malkovich. And we are very much looking forward to seeing Spike Jonze’s new film “Her” as well.

You? What “thinking movie” stood out for you?

What do YOU think? That's what matters. Please comment!

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