Duck Dynasty appears doomed

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Popular Culture et al
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With beards ...

With beards …

Things do not look good for controversial but popular “reality TV” show Duck Dynasty.

Although A&E allowed “family patriach” Phil Robertson back to shooting just weeks after his inflammatory remarks about homosexuality, the storm has not yet settled. And the numbers are in to prove it. Everyone – especially right wing commentators, politicians and hunting fans – expected that in light of the drama surrounding the show that when it returned this week it would be to epic numbers.

Unfortunately, it turned in ratings close to 30 percent lower than the last season’s premiere, and everyone associated with the show is apparently getting concerned.

Perhaps the message, anyway, that the whole show is something of a con made for TV might have got out. Here’s what the family looked like back in 2001. Hardly swamp-dwelling nether-region throwbacks, but rather a nice, clean shaven family.

ducks without beards

Anyway, if the makers thought that Phil’s viral (and virulent) comments were a case of any publicity is good publicity, here’s hoping they are starting to clue in to just how mistaken they were. If you ask us (and no one did), it’s reassuring to know that we live in an age where the public appear to vote with their feet when presented with ignorant comments that are disrespectful to millions.

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  1. I wish I could agree it’s the ignorant, hateful speech, but I doubt whether any speech is too ignorant or hateful for this audience. I think it’s the yuppie-in-drag factor that hurts.


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