BBC F*** Up of the Year

Posted: February 1, 2014 in Humour, Popular Culture et al
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Year of the Whores


As most of you know, it is Chinese New Year. Or at least it was a couple of days ago.

It is now the Year of the Horse. The Year of the Wooden Horse, specifically.

Among his other facets, the Horse is apparently a great communicator.

As a result, his year favours writers, actors, presenters, journalists …

This message seems to have got a bit “lost in translation” on it’s way to the captioning department of at least one august news organisation, however …

Well may the people of the globe celebrate, we hear you say. And you may be right, but we’re sure we certainly couldn’t comment.

  1. Ah, typos, the cockroaches of transferring words from thoughts to print. Think you’ve caught all of the little buglers, and a huge one shows up and gets published. Hilarious.


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