Signage F*** Up of the Year

Posted: December 10, 2013 in Humour
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Gynaecology Restaurant

Signage F*** Up? Well, yes, in more ways than one, really.

So gather round, Dear Reader. Apparently intelligent people decided the directional signage in this hospital.

Managers. Paid a lot of money.

Then skilled tradespeople painted the signs on the wall.

NO-ONE thought this was unwise?

You know, like, “Italian restaurant …” “French restaurant …” “Gynaecology …”

Oh, never mind.

One can only wonder what they serve.

Placenta pie? Clam bake?

And is it our fevered imagination, peeps, or do the plate and eating irons seem to be spelling out “Lol”?

As well they might.

  1. Wow, that just brings up some very disturbing pictures in my mind. What were they thinking?


  2. I reckon this could be easily remedied with a ‘please wash your hands ‘ placard.


  3. James Mahoney says:

    The real question, Yolly, is which one were you headed for when you saw the sign?


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