This isn’t the Advertising F*** Up of the Year. This is the Advertising F*** Up of all time.

Posted: November 7, 2013 in Humour
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“I … Well … Look … Um … Maybe … Perhaps they … Er … Miss Faversham, could you get Marketing on the line, they appear to have made something of a faux pas.”

Unbelievable. Even by our stellar standards.

It is simply not possible to imagine an ad dumber than this.

Unless, of course, Dear Reader, you know better …?

And no, we will not, no matter however you beg, plead and cajole, be drawn into speculation as to what a “Minnow Shot” might be …


(Thank you for the spot, David Oliver.)

  1. jvdix says:



  2. This one reminds me of a sign on a NE Minneapolis restaurant back in the 1970s owned by a big ex-pro wrestler named Mayslack (probably misspelled it). The restaurant was known for its polkas, beer and fantastic high-stacked meat sandwiches. The sign? Oh, that: “Nobody beats Mayslack’s meat!” How’s that for a laugher?


  3. Oh, oh my really? That is the very best I have seen. Made me laugh aloud while trying to take coffee.


  4. mlshatto says:

    I had to prove to myself that this wasn’t photoshopped. It’s not. The sports bar really exists. And it gets better., which is a legitimate restaurant finder by location, lists them “near Climax Springs, MO.” Here’s the link:


  5. Andy Taylor says:

    I don’t think that counts Yolly! I think that’s a deliberate double-entendre rather than an accidental one. And hence it’s advertising genius rather than advertising f*** up.


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