“We have learned the lesson that the music industry didn’t learn.” If you are ANYTHING to do with content creation or TV, watch this … or die.

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Business Management, Popular Culture et al
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Wot he said. Smart guy.

Wot he said. Smart guy.

Everyone in the tech industry is passing around this video of actor/producer Kevin Spacey talking about about how Netflix (and other tech companies) will blow up the traditional TV industry.

In an edited version of Spacey’s speech below, he touches on how Netflix, which has produced a handful of excellent original series this year, has the potential to disrupt the traditional cable and network TV model of forcing content creators to make a pilot before accepting a show.

For example, Spacey says there will be 146 pilots made this year at the cost of $US300-$US400 million. Only 56 of those will actually be made into a series. “That makes our House of Cards deal for two seasons really cost effective,” Spacey says in the speech.


Brilliant. He is SO right. “The audience has spoken.” What an impressive individual this man is.

Wonderful to see real creativity – in business, and in the production.

PS LOVED House of Cards.

Loved the original BritisHouse of Cards Casth series, with its camp archiness and wildly implausible plot.

Love the new one, too, which is more multi-layered from a character perspective, and more modern in its techniques.

Every cast member is superb. Very impressed.

  1. Lisa says:

    Erudite and perceptive view on the future of television and movies, particularly concerning the power of the consumer.


  2. I’m not familiar with “House of Cards”, but I sure do like what he says here!


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