Tell me again: what WAS it Bradley Manning told you that you didn’t want to know?

Posted: August 22, 2013 in Political musings
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I mean, I only ask, you know, given that he’s now going to jail for thirty five years.


210px-Bradley_Manning_US_ArmyAnd if you liked knowing that your Government was shooting children on your behalf, or abusing so-called friendly Governments in diplomatic cables, or had been caught out lying to you – I mean you might not have LIKED knowing that, but you’d rather know, right? – then what have you done so far to get this whistleblower out of jail?

If you want a good overview of what Manning leaked, click here:

Remember, he’s going to jail for thirty five years because the US Government, and Governments around the world, think YOU should not know what they’re up to. Not Al Qaeda, or any other nasty. Because it’s been conceded that not one single American asset or serviceman has been harmed as a result of Wikileaks. Plenty of Government embarrassment: no danger.

No: they simply don’t want YOU to know what’s going on.

For a free society to work, for Government to be held to a decent moral standard, for us to make informed decisions about who and what we support, we NEED whistleblowers. We need Bradley Manning.

Official photographic portrait of US President...

I see his lawyers are now going to plead with Obama for a pardon. If ever Obama had a chance to show that he is not just some dyed-in-the-wool conservative like those he pretends to oppose across the aisle, this is it.

I will not be holding my breath, however, as this President shows every sign of becoming more authoritarian by the day. But we are watching, Mr President. We are watching.

Today is a very, very sad day for freedom. Today, we slipped a little further down the slope.

Speak up, world.

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  1. I agree 100% with you, Yolly. Bradley Manning has suffered enough; those responsible for the the lies and crimes they were involved with haven’t suffered enough, if at all. Re President Obama, I have little faith in him any longer. Perhaps, and it’s only a very slim-dim perhaps, he will suddenly develop compassion, some guts and show he had a real moral foundation, and free Bradley Manning. It’s Bradley Manning that’s the hero, after all.


  2. Hart Noecker says:

    Manning will age, and quite possibly die during this generations long incarceration. But we will not forget this person, or the tremendous act of courage that has been carried out. Manning is a hero for a world which we aspire to, but not the world we live in. Today, that world is one sick fucking place.

    Full article:


  3. Manning will be out within 7 years. I cannot agree with this ‘he is a hero’ stuff. You know when you go into the type of work he did that you would be working in your country’s sewer. All countries have secrets and they cannot possibly have every public servant employed in that area making private treaties over what should be put into the public arena and what is not. He went in with his eyes open. I think he can thank his lucky stars he will be out in seven years.

    He is a traitor.


    • What a load of complete tosh. A traitor works to undermine his country – Manning did nothing of the sort.

      He wanted YOU – Richard Ember – to know what your Government was doing in your name. I repeat, what did he tell you that you think you are too stupid or too insecure to know?


      • There’s no abuse whatsoever in my remark. You simply refuse to answer my point. I want to know what YOU think you are not intelligent enough or aware enough or patriotic enough to know that Manning told you? Why do you prefer to not know what your Government does in your name? How is that me resorting to liberal abuse?

        And I think we know what society would be like if people like me took over: it would be more open, more transparent, and you would know what’s going on.


  4. As usual the liberal resorts to personal abuse. People will start to see what you lot stand for sooner rather than later.

    I repeat: a country cannot possibly have its public servants making private decisions on ‘corporate’ matters. Manning (and all people) went into that line of work knowing that their silence was a price. You can’t jump off of the roller coaster halfway through the ride.

    I shudder to think what the world would look like if people like you ever got their way.


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